Assurance Wireless No Service? 7 Sure Tips To Fix

Last Updated on August 30, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

Is your Assurance Wireless phone showing a ‘No Signal or No Service’ error message on the signal bar? No need to panic just yet. If your phone’s signal bar is empty, it means your phone is not receiving network signals from your cellular network. 

Several reasons can cause the No service error message on your Assurance wireless phone. But the most common reason is that you are outside the network coverage area.

Continue reading this post to find out other reasons you are experiencing the No service issue and easy tips to fix the issue.

Why Is My Assurance Wireless Phone Showing No Service?

a. Flight Mode

Some people mistakenly put their phones on flight mode and wonder why their cell phones are not receiving the network. It is a mistake anyone can make. It could be that you mistakenly activated the flight or airplane mode icon on your device.

When on flight mode, your phone won’t be able to connect to your network provider’s network towers. What happens is that you can’t make or receive calls, send or receive texts, or use your mobile data when in flight mode.

b. No Network Coverage

Another reason could be that there is no network coverage in your current location. Before now, Assurance Wireless used Sprint network towers to provide their service.

But now, the Company uses T-Mobile towers to offer its service.

If you are in an area outside the T-Mobile coverage location, you won’t access the Assurance Wireless service. Most times than not, this may not be the issue because T-Mobile has one of the best nationwide coverage.

c. SIM Card Issue

Several issues can be wrong with your Assurance Wireless SIM card. First, it could be that you’ve not completed the activation process, or you didn’t follow the correct procedure to activate the SIM card. Check this post on how to solve the Assurance Wireless activation problems.

Another reason could be that the SIM card placement is incorrect. Or the SIM card is bent or broken beyond repair. Dirt and grime on the SIM card can also affect the network signal.

d. Network Downtime

Also, it could be that your network provider is experiencing downtime. If network signals suddenly disappear from your phone without cause, it could be a downtime issue.

One way if it’s a downtime issue is to check the Assurance Wireless site or social media handles. They always leave notifications for outages in a particular location.

e. Outdated Software

Leaving the firmware on your phone outdated for a long while can affect network connectivity. Firmware is software installed in your device that powers the hardware functionality. That includes the SIM card functionality.

If you’ve not updated your firmware in a while, it can be the cause of the no-service issue on your device.

f. Glitch On Device

A minor glitch can also interfere with network signals. One of the main causes of phones is leaving many apps running in the background for a while.

Thankfully, this can be fixed by performing a power cycle on your phone. We will walk you through the power cycle process in the later part of this post.

g. Damaged Phone

Finally, it could be that your phone is out rightly damaged. It could be that your phone fell into water. Phones, like most electronic devices, don’t like water. This is because water damages vital parts of your cell phone like the circuit board.

To check if the fault is from one phone, try using the phone on another phone. If it works, it means your phone is faulty.

How To Fix ‘No Service’ Issue On Assurance Wireless Phone

Now you know some of the possible reasons your phone is showing the no service error message. Here are some of the possible ways to fix the issue:

a. Deactivate Flight Mode

The first tip is to check for and deactivate the flight mode on your phone. Check the signal bar or top menu, if you see a flight or airplane icon, it shows your phone is in flight mode.

To remove your phone from flight mode, go to ‘Settings> Network & Internet> Airplane Mode>Off’.  

Another option is to slide down the Top Menu and double tap the Flight Mode icon.

b. Perform a Power Cycle

Power cycling your phone is switching off your phone. The process shuts down the multiple apps running in the background and fixes minor glitches.

Press and hold the Power Button to turn off your phone. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and turn on your phone. This easy troubleshooting process will fix glitches on your phone.

c. Fix Your SIM Card

The next option is to check the SIM card. Open the SIM tray and remove the SIM Card. Check for damages and scratches on the SIM card. Damages and deep scratches can be a sign of damage on your SIM.

If your SIM card is damaged, your best bet is to order a replacement SIM card from Assurance Wireless.

Also, check the SIM card for dirt and grime. Use a small blower to blow off the dirt from the SIM tray, and a clean cloth to clean dirt and dust off the SIM card.

Replace the SIM card on the SIM tray. When replacing your SIM, make sure the SIM card is placed to sync with the internal connectors on your phone.

The placement method depends on your phone model. For iPhones, the SIM card is usually placed face up, while for Android phones SIM Cards are placed face down.

d. Check For Downtime Updates

Visit the Assurance wireless social media handles to check for downtime notifications. They usually post downtime notifications on the Company’s official Facebook page.

There are other third-party sites like Down-Detector to check for network outage updates in your location. If it is an outage issue, there is little you can do but wait it out.  

e. Update Phone Software Version

Check for and download the recent firmware version on your device. To do this, connect your phone to a Wireless Network. Open Settings>About Phone> Check For Updates>Install Updates.

Wait for your device to download and install the new update. After that, restart your phone to complete the process.

f. Take Phone For Repairs

If the damage is from your phone, take the phone to a professional for repairs. Your phone can be repaired if the damage is not extreme. If not, your option is to order a new cell phone.

g. Contact Assurance Wireless Customer Support

If none of the tips here has worked so far (which is unlikely), it’s time to contact Assurance Wireless customer support. Dial +1-888-321-5880 from any phone and explain the issue to the support person.  

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