Boost Mobile No Service? Complete Guide To Fix!!!

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Boost Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers Pay As You Go phone service. The Company uses T-Mobile’s network towers to offer its service. This means that you can access Boost Mobile service in any location with T-Mobile towers.

After you activate your Boost Mobile SIM card, you should see a signal bar on your phone or device indicating a stable network.

If there is no signal bar on your device, it means that your phone or device is not receiving network signals from the cellular network towers.

This could be an indication that you are outside Boost Mobile’s network coverage area. There are other reasons why your device is not receiving the network.

This post explains the reasons your device is not receiving Boost Mobile signals and the steps you can take to fix the issue.

Why Is My Phone Showing No Service On Boost Mobile?

a. Flight Mode Activated

Your phone or device can’t connect to cellular networks if the flight mode is activated on your device. It could be that you mistakenly toggled on the Flight mode feature on your device.

When on flight mode, you can still access the internet on your phone. You have to connect your device to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Note you can’t use cellular data; neither can you make calls or send texts when your device is in flight or airplane mode.

b. Issue With Device

The no-service issue could be caused by a minor glitch on your phone. For instance, if you have many apps running in the background for a while, it can affect network connectivity.

Thankfully, performing a power cycle on your device can fix the issue. We will take you through the process of power cycling your device in the latter part of this post.

c. Outdated Firmware

Firmware is the software that boosts the hardware functionality of your device or phone. Your phone manufacturer does release updates for firmware from time to time. The new updates come with better features and functionality.

Failure to update the firmware of your device can affect the firmware and thus the functionality of your device.

d. SIM Card Issues

The issue with the SIM card can range from incorrect SIM card placement to dirt on the SIM card. Also, you can’t receive network signals on your phone or device if you’ve not activated the SIM Card.  

e. Outside Coverage Area

More times than not, this is the main reason why your device is not receiving network signals. It could be that your current location is outside the Boost Mobile coverage area.

Also, there may be coverage in your location but you are close to signal blockers. For instance, if there are many tall buildings in your location, it can affect network signals. It is the same if you are in a location with many tall trees.

f. Temporary Network Downtime

It could be that there is a network downtime in your location. When there is a downtime, network signals will suddenly disappear in devices in the location.

To confirm if it’s a downtime issue, check the Boost Mobile social media handles or their site. Boost Mobile leaves downtime updates in different locations on their social media handles.

Tips To Fix No Service Issue On Boost Mobile

a. Complete SIM Card Activation

If you’ve activated your SIM card, please skip this step. You have to activate your Boost Mobile SIM card when you purchase the SIM or when you are swapping the SIM to another phone.

To activate your Boost Mobile SIM card, insert the SIM into your device. Connect your phone to a Wireless network. Visit the Boost Mobile activation page. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

b. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Remove your device from airplane mode. Check the top menu or signal bar, if an airplane icon is visible; it means your phone is on airplane or flight mode.

To turn off the airplane mode feature, slide down the Top Menu on your device’s home page. Tap twice on the Flight Mode icon to turn off the feature.

The second method is to go to Settings>Network & Internet> Airplane Mode> Off.

c. Power Cycle Device

Performing a power cycling process simply means rebooting your device. This process clears your device cache and shuts down the apps running in the background.

Before rebooting your phone, toggle on the airplane mode feature. Wait for 30 seconds and turn off airplane mode. Most times, this process does fix the issue.

But if it doesn’t fix the issue, reboot your device. After you turn off your phone or device, wait for 60 seconds before you turn on the phone.

d. Check Coverage In Location

Boost Mobile has quite extensive coverage in the country. Go through the Boost Mobile Coverage Map, enter your location, and click on Go.  You will get an update on the Boost Mobile network in your location. The map will also confirm if there are 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G networks in your location.

e. Check Your SIM Card

Remove the SIM card, and first check for scratches and damages on the SIM card. The SIM card won’t work if it’s damaged. Also, check for dust and grime on the SIM card. Blow out the dust on the SIM tray and clean the SIM card with a clean cloth.

When replacing the SIM card, be careful of the SIM placement. Always place the SIM card to be in sync with the internal connectors on your phone or device.

The SIM card placement method depends on your phone’s brand and model. For most Android phones, you place the SIM card face down. While for most iPhones, you place the SIM card to face up.

f. Install Latest Firmware

Download and install the latest firmware version on your phone or device. First, you have to check for new updates. If there’s an update, download and install the latest software version.

Open Settings> About Phone> Check For Updates> Install Updates. Wait for some minutes for your device to download and install the updates. Your device will reboot after installing the update.

If your device doesn’t restart, manually reboot your device to complete the process.

g. Contact Boost Mobile Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips here and none has worked so far, your last resort is to contact Boost Mobile Customer support. Contact Boost Mobile customer on 1-833-502-6678. The tech support person will provide you with additional help to fix the issue. 

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