Google Fi Port Out: Easy Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Considering leaving the Google Fi network to another carrier? Do you know that you can take your number to the new network?

To port your number from Google Fi to another network, you need to submit your Google Fi account details to the new carrier. The carrier will place a request to port out your number on your behalf.

Some carriers allow you to complete some steps of the process from your end. Simply purchase the new carrier’s SIM card. Activate the SIM card and select the option to bring an existing number to the network during the activation process.

Continue reading this post to learn all you need to port your number from Google Fi to any other network in the United States. In addition, you will learn other details of the process; including, cost, duration, and what to do after you port your number.

Preparing To Transfer Number From Google Fi To A New Carrier

These are some of the steps you need to take before you start the actual port-out process:

a. Find A New Carrier

First is to find a carrier that meets some of the needs you felt the Google Fi network wasn’t meeting for you. Thankfully, there are a good number of Telecoms and MVNOs to choose from.

After you choose a new network, it is advisable to contact the carrier’s port department to check transfer eligibility. That is, checking if your Google Fi number is eligible to be transferred to the network.

It is possible that your Google Fi number is not eligible to be transferred to the new carrier. This can be caused by several reasons. That is why you carry out a number transfer eligibility check before you start the transfer process.

b. Unlock Phone

If you bought your phone from Google Fi, this will not be an issue for you because Google Fi phones are unlocked. But if you’re bringing another phone to the new network, make sure the device is not locked to any network. No network will allow you to use a phone locked to another carrier on their network.

c. Keep Google Fi Number Active

In addition to the tips above, ensure that the Google Fi number you want to transfer is active and is assigned to you. You can’t transfer a number that has been assigned to another customer.

Also, don’t cancel your Google Fi account before the transfer process is over. Keep your account active until your number is active in the new network.

Google Fi Account Details To Port Out Number

During the port-out process, the new carrier will request you share some details. These are your Google Fi account details. Check below to know the details you need to port out the number from Google Fi and how to find the details:

. Google Fi Account Number

This is the account number unique to your account. You need this detail to make major changes to your account. For instance, you need it to change your Google Fi number, port out numbers from Google Fi, and other changes to your account.

Check this post on how to find your Google Fi account number in your online account.

. Google Fi Account PIN

This is the transfer PIN you need to complete the transfer process. The same serves as your account’s security PIN. Check this post on how to find your Google FI account PIN.

. Google Fi Address

Some carriers will request your address. Submit the service address you have on your Google Fi account. If you’ve moved to a new address, update the address on your Google Fi account and submit the same to the new carrier.

Step-To-Step Guide To Port Out Number From Google Fi Network

How to port your number depends on the new carrier’s port-in requirements. But here is a breakdown of the port-in process of most carriers in the United States:

a. Visit Carrier’s Outlet

The fastest way to port your number to a new carrier is to visit the carrier’s outlet in your location. Request to port in your number in the new network.

The outlet customer support person will request you to submit your account details from Google Fi. Submit your name, address, the number you want to port, account number, and account PIN.

The support person will contact Google Fi porting department and place a transfer request on your behalf. Google Fi’s porting department will check the account details the support person submitted and approve the request once the details check out.

The submitting person will help you activate a new SIM card with your number in the new network.

b. Activate Number Yourself

For this method, you purchase and activate a SIM card pack from the new carrier. During the activation process, select ‘Transfer Existing Number’. Fill in your Google Fi account details to commence the number transfer process.

The carrier will send you a notification via SMS or email when your number is active on the network.

c. Contact Carrier’s Porting Department

Finally, you can contact the new carrier’s porting department to complete the process. You can do this via online chat on the carrier’s site or call the port department. Remember to have your Google Fi account details handy to complete the process.

What To Do After Porting Your Number From Google Fi?

You will know the transfer process is complete once your number is active in the new network. After that, log into your Google Fi account and confirm your account has been canceled.

Also, Google Fi will send you a final bill if you have an outstanding bill. You will receive the bill in your next billing cycle. Make sure you clear the bill before the due date.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer a Number From Google Fi To A New Carrier?

If you visit the carrier’s outlet to complete the process, you can complete the process within 30 minutes. But generally, you should have the number active in the new network within 2 hours.

Will Google Fi Charge You To Port Your Number?

No. It is free to port out your number from Google Fi. The only money you have to pay is any outstanding bill you have in your Google Fi account before you transfer your number. 

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