Guide To Find Simple Mobile Account Number And PIN

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Your Simple Mobile account number and PIN are unique to your account. They are the details you need when you want to make any major change to your account, including the number transfer process.

Simple Mobile assigns these details to your account when you first subscribe to their network.

This post will guide you on the different ways to find your Simple Mobile account details. But the quick way to find your Simple Mobile account number is to check your SIM pack.

What Is a Simple Mobile Account Number?

Your Simple Mobile account number is the unique account ID assigned to each Simple Mobile customer. The number is usually a 15-digit code. This account number is different from your Simple Mobile phone number.

When you want to port your number from Simple Mobile to another number, your account number is one of the essential details to provide the new carrier.

How To Find Your Simple Mobile Account Number

Below is a list of the different methods to find your Simple Mobile account number:

a. Online

Old Simple Mobile customers can find their account numbers on the online platform. Follow the steps below to find your account number on your online account.

i. Visit the Simple Mobile login page. Enter your ‘Email Address’ or ‘Simple Mobile Number’ to log into your account.

ii. Check the option for ‘Update Account’ on the top right of the account page. You will find your account number under the update account option.

b. On SIM Pack

Another place to find your account number is on your Simple Mobile SIM card pack or Simple Mobile phone. The account number is the last 15 digits of your SIM ICCID printed on your SIM card.

If you bought your phone from Simple Mobile, your account number is usually the phone’s IMEI. For those that brought their phone to Simple Mobile, their account number is the SIM card number.

c. Simple Mobile Customer Support

Finally, you can contact Simple Mobile customer support to request your account number. Contact Simple mobile at 1-877-878-7909, and tell the customer support person that you need to retrieve your account number.

The customer support person will ask some questions to verify that you are the owner of the said account. The customer support line is available from 8.15 am on work days.

Simple Mobile Account PIN

The Simple Mobile account PIN is the security code for your account. Simple mobile will request this security code when you want to make essential changes to your account. The PIN is either a 4-digit or 8-digit code.

Your account PIN also serves as your transfer PIN. The PIN is the digit code that Simple Mobile sends to your email after you activate your account.

Forgot Simple Mobile PIN

If you forgot your PIN, you can recover the PIN by calling the customer support person. Contact customer support at 1-877-878-7909, and request to retrieve your PIN.

The support person will ask some questions to verify that you are the owner of the account. After that, your PIN will be sent to you via text.

For old account holders, you can find the PIN in your online account. Log into your account, and check for ‘Manage Profile’. You will find your security PIN under this option.

Simple Mobile ZIP Code

Most carriers will request your Simple Mobile ZIP code to initiate a number transfer. Your account ZIP code was assigned to you based on the location when you signed up for an account.

Your account ZIP code has to be the same as the ZIP code on your contact information.

If you can’t remember your ZIP code, you can contact the Simple Mobile porting department to retrieve the code. Simply dial 1-866-806-1840 to contact the porting department, and request your ZIP code.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Do I Find My Simple Mobile Transfer PIN?

Your Simple Mobile transfer PIN is the same as your security PIN. It is the 4-digit or 8-digit code that Simple sent to your email when you joined the network. Go through your old emails to find the code.

If you can’t find the mail, contact Simple Mobile customer support to recover the PIN.


So far, this post has outlined how to get your Simple Mobile account number, security PIN, and ZIP code. These are the information you need to commence your number transfer process to any other carrier. 

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