Simple Mobile Port Out: Complete Guide

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Looking to port your number from Simple Mobile to another network, this post is for you. Porting your number to a new network is quite an easy process.

To port out your number from Simple Mobile, get your account details. That includes your Simple Mobile account number, transfer PIN, and Zip Code. Send the details to your new carrier for them to process your request.

This post breaks down the entire process of porting your number from Simple Mobile to any other carrier.

Get Ready To Port Your Number From Simple Mobile

Before starting the actual port-out process, there are factors you have to consider and put in place. These factors will make the transfer process seamless. Below is a list for consideration:

a. Choice of Carrier

The first thing to decide is a new carrier of choice. You know your reason for leaving the Simple Mobile network. So you have to find a carrier that meets those basic needs.

Any carrier you port to should have strong coverage in your location. Also, they should have plans that are affordable and meet your calls and browsing needs.

The United States has several Telecoms and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to choose from.

b. Confirm Eligibility

After you decide on the network carrier, you have to check if you are eligible for a number transfer on the network. Several factors can make your number ineligible for a transfer to the new network.

A good example is if the new carrier does not have an interconnection agreement with the Simple Mobile network.

So, you have to reach out to the new carrier to confirm that your number is eligible for a transfer to their network.

c. Simple Mobile Service Active

You have to make sure that your Simple Mobile service remains active before you start the porting process. Also, during and after the porting process, the service must remain active.

You can’t port a number from Simple Mobile if you don’t have an active service. If your account has been suspended or even deactivated for any reason, you have to reactivate the account.

You may need to pay a small fee to reactivate your account.

d. Simple Mobile Number Active

Same with your service, your Simple Mobile number has to be active to transfer it to another network. You can’t transfer a deactivated number or number that has been assigned to another customer.

Information You Need To Complete Simple Mobile Port Out

After you contact a new carrier to port your number from Simple Mobile, they will request details. These are your Simple Mobile account details. The list of details most carriers need to complete a number transfer request includes:

. Account Number

. Transfer PIN (Security PIN)

. ZIP Code

Check this other post that explains how to find your Simple Mobile account number, PIN, and ZIP code.

How To Start The Simple Mobile Port Out Process

With these details in place, you have to contact the new carrier’s customer support and place a number transfer request.

The customer support person will request your details from your previous carrier including the phone number you want to port.

After they confirm that your number is eligible for a transfer, the carrier will place a request to Simple Mobile on your behalf. The carrier will submit your details together with your request.

Simply Mobile will process and confirm the port-out request. After they confirm your request, the carrier will commence the transfer process.

So basically, all you have to do is to provide your carrier with your information and allow them to initiate and complete the transfer process.

What Happens After Your Port Your Number From a Simple Mobile?

After you transfer your number out of the Simple Mobile network, the carrier will contact Simple Mobile to deactivate your account. You will become an active customer of the new carrier and enjoy whatever benefits they give their customers.

How Long Does It Take To Port Your Number From Simple Mobile?

The port-out process from Simple Mobile takes from 2 hours to 48 hours depending on the carrier. As long as your details are correct.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Out From Simple Mobile?

Porting out a number from Simple Mobile to any other network is free. You don’t have to pay for the service.

The only money you have to pay is any outstanding bill or fee you accrued on your Simple Mobile account before you initiated the transfer process.

Can’t Port Number From Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is mandated by FCC to approve any customer’s request to port a number to another network. If you can’t complete the port out the process on Simple Number it can be a result of the following reasons below:

a. Incorrect Details

If the details you submitted to your new network carrier are incorrect, Simple Mobile won’t approve the request.

Quick Fix:

Double-check the details you submitted to your carrier to make sure they are correct. That includes your personal information, account number, transfer PIN, ZIP code, and phone number.

b. Number Not Eligible for Transfer

Another reason could be that your number is not eligible for transfer to the new network. It could be that the new carrier doesn’t have an interconnection agreement with Simple Mobile.

Quick Fix

Find another network carrier that has an interconnection agreement with Simple Mobile.

In Summary

This post has outlined the entire process involved in transferring a number from the Simple Mobile network to any other network. Following the guide here, you should complete your transfer process seamlessly.

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