Sky Return Equipment: Complete Guide To Return Sky Equipment

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Sky is an Internet Service Provider in the United Kingdom. They offer TV, phone, and internet services to subscribers. Most of their plans come as a package of two or more services offered as a bundle. For instance, you get the internet service when you subscribe to their TV service.

Sky ships some equipment to you when you sign up for any of their packages. That includes a remote control, modem, TV box router, and TV controller. Unless you out rightly paid for the equipment, you are expected to return the equipment in some instances.

This post explains how the Sky return equipment returns policy works, and how you can return your Sky equipment.  

How Does Sky Equipment Return Work?

The equipment Sky sends you when you subscribe to any of their plans is given on loan. It is expensive to purchase any of the equipment. That is why Sky sends the equipment on lease.

This means that you have to return the equipment when it is due. Failure to return your Sky equipment is considered a breach of contract and comes with some consequences.

When To Return Sky Equipment

As a subscriber, you are expected to return your Sky equipment in the following instance:

a. After Canceling Subscription

Sky sends you some equipment on lease after you subscribe to any of their plans. Unless you paid the full purchase price for the equipment, you are expected to return the equipment after you cancel your Sky subscription.

b. Defect or Damages

If you notice a defect or damage on any of the new equipment Sky ships to you, you are to return the equipment. You have 31 days from the date the equipment was shipped to you to check and notify Sky of your intention to return the equipment. After that, you have 14 days to return the equipment.

After you return the equipment, Sky can either refund your purchase price or replace the damaged equipment. Note that terms and conditions apply for this.

c. When You Upgrade Your Subscription

When you upgrade or download your subscription, some of the current equipment may not have the features to support the new plan. After you upgrade your subscription, Sky requires you to return your current equipment.

A good example is when you upgrade from Sky Q to the Sky Glass subscription. The Company will ship out a new set of equipment with features to match your new subscription plan.

How To Return Sky Equipment

a. Contact Sky Customer Support

If you want to return any Sky equipment, the first step is to contact Sky customer support. You inform the customer support person of your intention to return your equipment. The customer support person will ask some questions like ‘why you intend to return your equipment’.

If you are returning your equipment as a result of a defect, you don’t need many details.

But if you are returning your equipment because you want to cancel your Sky subscription, you will be asked to cancel your subscription first. Check this guide on how to Cancel your Sky subscription.

To contact Sky customer support, call the support line on 03300 413 000. You may have to wait a bit for the customer support person to attend to you, just stay on line.

b. Package Equipment For Returns

The next step is to get the equipment ready for return. First, disconnect the wires, cables, and connectors that came with each device. Gather all the other accessories like the remote control that came with the equipment and place it inside the shipping box.

After you gather the equipment, wrap the equipment and accessories in a Bubble wrap. This is to protect the equipment in route shipping. After that, place the device and accessories in the shipping box.

You can pack the equipment inside the same box that was used to ship the box. If the box is not available, you can ship it with any other box.

c. Print Return Label

There are two options available when it comes to shipping out Sky equipment. You have the option to drop off the equipment or opt for a pickup at your location. Either option requires you to generate and use a return label.

You can’t complete the equipment return process without this return label. Follow the steps below to generate a return label for your Sky equipment:

How To Generate and Print Sky Equipment Return Label

. Visit the Royal Mail Returns Site.

. Click on the Shape Of Equipment. The options available are ‘Box/Bag or Tube’.

. On the next page, you will find the information page to fill in your details. Remember to enter your address in the address column and not Sky’s address.

. After you submit the form, Royal Mail will send your Return Label to your email.

. Print the return label and attach it to your package box.

. You will also be sent a receipt of return. Hold the receipt because it will serve as proof of return. You will submit this proof of return to Sky when requesting a refund.

d. Drop Off Equipment/ Wait For Pickup

As we mentioned earlier, you have the option of dropping up the equipment at any post office near you or opting for a pick.

Arrange A Collection For Sky Equipment Return

If you want to opt for a home pickup, follow the steps below.

 .After filing your return label detail, click on ‘Book A Collection’.

. Enter details of the equipment and your home address for collection.

. Select a pickup date and Add To Basket.

Complete the checkout process. Note that the checkout process is FREE.  

.Finally, wait for someone to pick up the package from your address.

Drop Off Sky Equipment Return

If you prefer to drop off the equipment, follow the instructions below.

. Use the Find Post Office option on the Royal Mail site to find a post office near you. All you have to do is to enter your postcode in the search bar and click on Find.

. Take the package to the location with your return label for drop-off.

. Complete the drop-off instructions onsite.

Sky Equipment Return For Channel Islands Residents

If you are a Sky subscriber staying in Channels Islands, you can return your equipment by calling Sky on 03442 414141. Sky will arrange a courier to collect the equipment from your address.

What Equipment Do I Need To Return To Sky?

The equipment you need to return depends on your subscription plan and the equipment you received when you signed up. But below is some of the basic equipment you have to include in your shipping box.

Sky Box

Remote Controls

Multi-screen mini boxes


Sky Dish

Sky Broadband

Cable Cards

Sky Q TV

TV Stand

Sky Stream Pucks

Sky Hub

Sound Box


Speaker Fascias

Sky Q Equipment Return

When you upgrade your subscription from Sky Q to Sky Glass, you are required to return your Sky Q equipment. Sky will ship out new equipment with features to boost the Sky Glass subscription.

You have 31 days from when you upgrade your subscription to the package and return your Sky Q equipment.

The process of returning the Sky Q equipment is the same process for returning any Sky equipment. Follow the process outlined earlier to complete the return process.

How Long Do You Have To Return Sky Equipment?

If you are upgrading your subscription, you have 31 days from the day you canceled your subscription to return your previous Sky equipment.

If it is a new product with defects, you have 31 days from the day the product was shipped to report and return the equipment. You have 14 days from the day you received the product to report any defect or damage to the Sky support team. After that, you have an additional 14 days to package and return the equipment.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Your Sky Equipment?

Sky sends its equipment on lease to subscribers, which means that you are under contract to return the equipment when it’s due. If you fail to return your Sky equipment, it will be considered a breach of contract and it comes with penalties.

The penalty for failing to return your Sky equipment is a fine. The fine is an amount that is equivalent to the purchase cost for the equipment. For instance, if you fail to return a Sky Q 1TB Box, you will be fined £100.

Address For Returning Sky Equipment

You don’t need an address to return your Sky equipment. There is no need to search for the Sky office address or drop-off location. You can only return your Sky equipment by dropping it off at any post office near you. The only option is to book a pickup via the Royal Mail Pickup service.

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