BT Return Equipment (Complete Guide To Return BT Equipmet)

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British Telecom (BT) is one of the top telecommunication Companies in the United Kingdom. The Company offers internet, mobile, and TV services to subscribers.

When you subscribe to any of their plans, BT ships out a starter kit to you. The equipment is sent on a lease, meaning that a subscriber needs to return the equipment at the end of the lease.

Continue reading this post to know how the BT equipment return works, and how you can return your equipment. Also, you will learn what happens when you fail to return your equipment at the end of your contract.

How Does BT Equipment Return Work?

BT sends you BT Gears after you subscribe to any of their services. This could be first-hand or reconditioned equipment. If you subscribed to any of the BT services after the 13th of Dec. 2019 or you placed an order for a kit replacement after the date, the equipment was sent on lease.

This means that once your BT TV service expires, you must return the BT equipment. If you cancel your service or fail to renew your subscription, you have to return the equipment within the stipulated time frame.

Failure to return your equipment will be considered a breach of contract. Continue reading to learn the penalty for returning your BT equipment after canceling your subscription.

When Do You Return BT Equipment?

a. Products With Defect

You can return your new BT equipment if you notice a defect in the product. As part of the BT return policy, if you notice a defect in the new products shipped to you, you can return the product.

You have 14 days from when you received the equipment to return it to BT. After you return the equipment, BT will refund you or send you a new set of equipment.

b. During An Upgrade

When you upgrade from your current plan to a new place, you have to return your current equipment. Your new plan may not have the features to power your new plan. BT will ship out new equipment with features to match your new plan.

c. After Canceling Your Subscription

If you fail to renew your subscription or you plan to move to another network, BT expects you to return your equipment. You have 60 days from the day you cancel your BT subscription to return your equipment.

This doesn’t apply when you move houses. You can carry your BT equipment with you when you move to a new home.

How To Return BT Equipment

Here is a mini guide on the complete process involved in returning your BT equipment.

a. Generate A Returns Kit

The first step is to generate an equipment returns kit from BT. BT will send you a return kit within 7 days of requesting for one. The return kit comes with a shipping box and a return letter to affix to the box.

Follow the steps below to generate a return kit.

. Visit BT Site Login Page. Enter your BT ID and Password to log into your account.

. Select Return Your BT Kit and further select Return Equipment.

. Fill in the details including your address to receive the return kits.

BT will send you a return kit to your address within 7 days after your request.

b. Package The Equipment

The next step is to package your BT equipment inside the shipping bag BT sent to your address. First disconnect all cables and connectors, smart hubs, and devices. Place all the equipment and accessories inside the shipping bag.

It is advisable to wrap the equipment and accessories in bubble wrap. This helps to protect the equipment from damage during the shipping process.

c. Affix Returns Label

The shipping bag or box BT sent to you comes with a return letter. The return letter has a return label inside. When you are done packing the equipment, remove the returns label and stick it to the shipping bag.

d. Ship Equipment To BT

When you are done preparing your equipment for shipping, the final step is to send out the equipment. The first option is to drop off the equipment at the Post Office location close to you.

Ship BT Equipment Via Post Office

Visit this link to find the Post Office close to your address. Enter your Street name, Town, or Postcode in the search box. You will find a list of Post Office branches close to your location.

The Post Office will issue you proof of postage after you ship your equipment. It is advisable to keep the document because you may need to present it when requesting a refund.

Ship BT Equipment Via Royal Mail

The second shipping option is to request for a home collection via Royal Mail. Visit the Royal Mail Home Collection page. Enter your details including your name, address and book a collection date. The collection date is the date and time you want Royal Mail to come pick up your package. Note that this process will cost you 60p.

What Equipment Do You Have To Return To BT?

Here is the list of equipment that you have to return to BT when you cancel your service.

. Home Hub, Smart Hub

. Smart Hub 2

. BT TV Box (Z4)

. BT TV Recordable Box (G4)

. BT TV 4K Recordable Box (G5)

. BT TV Remote Control

. BT TV Box Pro

. Hybrid Connect

. Complete Wi-Fi discs

How Long Do You Have To Return BT Equipment?

The time you have to return your BT equipment depends on your reason for returning the equipment.

After canceling your subscription, you are to return the equipment within 60 days from the date you canceled your subscription.

If you are returning defective equipment, you have to do so within 14 days from the day you received the equipment.

What Happens If You Don’t Return BT Equipment?

As mentioned earlier, if you received your BT Equipment after the 13th of December 2019, it means the equipment is under a lease. This means you have to return the equipment when you end your BT subscription.

Failure to return your BT equipment will be considered a breach of contract. This attracts a fine that is equivalent to the actual cost of the product. The exception will be if you paid for the equipment when you paid for your subscription.

Below is a breakdown of your penalty when you fail to return your BT equipment. Note that the Company can change the penalty fee without sending you prior notice.

 Smart Hub, Home Hub: £ 43

BT TV Box (Z4): £60

Smart Hub 2: £50

BT TV Recordable Box (G4): £89

TV Box Pro: £115

Complete Wi-Fi Discs: £30 per disc

BT TV 4k Recordable Box (G5): £115

Hybrid Connect: £63

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BT Charge Me For Not Returning the Router?

 BT will charge your account for an amount equivalent to the cost of the product you didn’t return. This is because BT considers it a breach of contract when you fail to return your equipment.

Why Is BT Asking Me To Return My Smart Hub?

BT might be asking you to return your Smart Hub when you upgrade your plan. Also, BT will request an equipment return after you cancel your subscription

Can I Sell My Old BT Home Hub?

This is a capital NO, as you can’t sell your old BT Home Hub or equipment because this remains a BT asset.

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