Sky Remote Not Working But Red Light Is Blinking? Quick Tips To Fix

Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

When you press the Sky remote, the red light on the remote will blink and your TV will respond to the button. What happens if you press the Sky remote, and the red light is blinking but your TV won’t respond? It can be annoying but it’s something you can figure out.

If your Sky remote is not working but the red light is blinking, it can be caused by several reasons. An obstruction between your Sky remote and TV, low battery, and remote unpaired are some of the reasons for that.

You can fix it by changing the remote batteries and pairing the remote to your TV again. Continue reading this post to get a better explanation of ways to fix your Sky remote and get it working again.

Why Is My Sky Remote Not Working But Red Light Is Blinking?

a. Battery Issue

It could be a battery issue. The remote control won’t function well if the battery pair is weak or dying. What then happens is that, when you press the remote, the tiny red light on the remote will blink but your TV won’t respond.

b. Remote Not Paired

Another reason is that the remote control is no longer synced to your TV. The Sky remote control must be synced, paired, or programmed to your TV to work.

If for instance, you performed a factory reset on your TV or remote control, it clears the previous programming.

You need to sync or program the remote again to your TV for it to work. The latter part of this post will provide a mini guide on how to pair or sync your Sky remote to a TV.

c. Damage To Remote Control

A remote control can malfunction if there is physical damage to the remote. Physical damage to the remote control can damage the motherboard circuit connection. When that happens, the remote can still blink red when you press and your TV won’t respond.

d. Obstruction Between Remote Control and TV

The Sky TV remote control uses an infrared sensor to transmit signals to the TV. For infrared sensors to work, the remote control must be held close to the TV. Also, there should be no object obstructing the line of view of the remote control from the TV.

The remote control will blink a red light and your TV won’t respond if the remote is held far away from the TV. Or if there is any object obstructing the line of vision of the remote control from the TV.

Ways To Fix Sky Remote Control And Get It Working

a. Charge or Replace Batteries

First, confirm it’s a battery issue. To do this, try using the batteries on another device. If it doesn’t work, then it’s a battery issue. On the other hand, if the batteries work on the other, then it’s not a battery issue.

Recharge or replace the batteries in the remote control if it is a battery issue.

b. Sync Sky Remote To TV

If you performed a factory reset or unpaired the Sky remote from the TV, you have to sync or program the remote. Follow the steps below to sync a Sky remote control to a TV.

Program Sky Remote To TV

. Open the battery compartment on the back of your remote control. You will see the Remote Version Number on the back cover. Write down the number and proceed.

. Visit the Sky remote page. Enter the Version of Sky Remote> Make of TV> Model of TV and press Get My Code. You will see the Sky remote codes for your TV. Note that the process will work even if you don’t know your TV model.

. Hold the remote close to your TV and press the TV button on your remote.

. Press the Select and Red buttons simultaneously until the tiny red light blinks twice.

. Key in the code using the number buttons on your remote control and press Select.

. Press the Vol+ button to save the code.

Check the video tutorial below on the complete guide to pair your Sky TV remote to a TV.

c. Remote Obstructions

Make sure you always hold the remote control close to your TV. The remote should not be held farther than 30 feet from your TV. Also, ensure no objects are obstructing the view of the remote control from your TV.

Finally, check for infrared signal blockers. These are objects that interfere with the remote infrared signals. They include wood, aluminum foil, glass, and Plexiglas.

d. Power Cycle Remote & TV

The next step is to power cycle your remote control and TV. A power cycle simply means draining the power from a device. The process helps fix minor glitches affecting a device.

Power Cycle Sky Remote Control

. Open the remote battery compartment and remove the batteries.

. Continue pressing the power button for 30 seconds to drain the remaining power from the remote.

. Replace the batteries and try using the remote again.

Power Cycle TV

The process works regardless of the TV model. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

. Unplug the TV cord from the power source.

. Hold the TV remote close to the TV and continue to press the Power button for 30 seconds.

. Plug back the TV cord and turn on the TV.

. Try using the remote again on the TV. 

e. Check Remote For Damages

Check the remote control for physical damage. If there is any physical damage to your remote control, your best bet is to replace the remote control.

f. Use An Alternative Remote Control

Another option is to switch to the Sky+ remote control app. This is an app that serves as an alternative remote control. Follow the steps below to sync your Sky+ remote app to your TV.

. Connect Sky box and smartphone to the same wireless network.

. Visit the app store and download the Sky+ remote app on your phone.

. Launch the app and tap on Help & Settings on the top-left of the home page.

. Tap on Connect to Sky+ HD box.

. Finally, select the TV box you want to connect to your TV.


Fixing any issue with your Sky remote control is easy. This post has outlined some of the tips to fix your Sky remote control and get it working in no time. 

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