Get TruConnect Account Number And PIN ASAP

Last Updated on January 16, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

The three details you need to transfer your number from TruConnect to another network are your billing address, account number, and PIN.

For most carriers, you can have these details in your account’s dashboard. That’s not the same for TruConnect.

In summary, you have to contact the TruConnect customer support department at 1-800-430-0443 to get your account number and PIN. After verifying your account, the customer support person will text your account number and PIN.

Continue reading this post to understand a breakdown of the details of getting your TruConnect account number and PIN to start your port-out process.

What Is a TruConnect Account Number?

The Truconnect account number is your customer’s unique number. TruConnect assigns a unique account number to Truconnect customers. You need this number to complete the number transfer process to another network.

It is good to mention that this number is different from your TruConnect phone number.

How To Find The TruConnect Account Number?

As mentioned earlier, for most networks, the account number can be found on your online account dashboard or monthly bill. But for TruConnect, you have to contact the TruConnect customer support department.

Contact the Truconnect Customer support department on call at 1-800-430-0443. Another option is to send an email to [email protected]. After that, follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Call TruConnect customer support.

. Press ‘1’ to select the ‘English language’.

. Request your account number and verify your account. You will receive a code on your phone. Simply call out the code when due.

. You will receive your account number on your phone in minutes.

How To Get Truconnect PIN

The account PIN is the security PIN. It is the second detail you need to port your number to a new network. Also, you need the security PIN to make any major changes to your account.

You get your TruConnect security PIN the same way you get the account number. Call the customer support department and request your Security PIN.

TruConnect Billing Address

This is the billing address you entered when you created your account. If you are not sure of the address you used as the billing address, contact customer support to confirm your billing address.


With these details, you can commence your number transfer process. Note that, since TruConnect is a Lifeline network, the number transfer process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Also, if you reach out via email, you may have to wait a couple of hours to receive a response. So, it’s best to contact them via call. 

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