US Cellular No Service? 8 Ways To Fix No Service On UScellular

Last Updated on May 8, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

The network bar on your US Cellular phone shows if the device is connected to the network or not. If the bar is empty, it is an indication that the device is not connected to network.

If you see the ‘No Service’ message on your US Cellular network bar, there’s no need to panic. In a nutshell, one possible reason for the reasons for No Service issue on US Cellular may be that you are outside their coverage area. It could also be a network outage issue.

This article covers the no service on the US Cellular network issue in detail. Also, you will find tips to possibly fix the issue in no time.

Why Does My Phone Say No Service On US Celluar?

Several reasons can cause the No service issue on your US cellular network. But these are some of the possible reasons:

a. Outside Coverage area

One of the main reasons you are having the no service issue could be that your location is outside the US Cellular coverage area. US Cellular has a small coverage area than other bigger networks like Verizon. If you are outside the coverage area, you won’t get network signals in your cell.

b. Device On Airplane Mode

Also, it could be that your cellphone is in airplane mode. Your phone can’t receive network signals when on airplane mode. It could be that you mistakenly toggled the airplane icon on your phone.

c. General Network Outage

A general network outage in your location can disrupt the network signal in your phone. It could be that there’s a temporary downtime in your area. If it’s an outage, there’s little or nothing you can do but wait it out.

d. Error In Network Settings

Incorrect network settings on your smartphone can affect network signals. The network setting is automatically updated on most recent smartphones when you insert your SIM Card.

e. Bugs On Your Smartphone

Finally, this could be caused by bugs on your phone. Thankfully, this can be fixed by minor steps like updating the firmware on your phone or removing and replacing your SIM Card.

Ways To Fix US cellular No Service Issue

a. Remove From Airplane Mode

First, check if your phone is in airplane mode. How to know that your phone is on airplane mode is that you will see an airplane icon beside the network signal bar.

If your phone is in airplane mode, toggle the airplane icon to remove it from airplane mode. Another option is to turn off the airplane mode from the network settings on your phone.

b. Check SIM Card Placement

Open the SIM card tray and check the card placement. Touch the SIM card to make sure it’s seated the correct way. Another option is to remove the SIM card. Wipe both surfaces with a clean cloth and replace the SIM.

c. Confirm Coverage In Location

Check the US Cellular coverage map to make sure your current location is within the coverage area. Check for 4g and 5g Coverage and Voice and Date coverage.

If you are outside the coverage area, move to a location with the nearest coverage area to access the network signal.

d. Check For Outage

Another option is to check for Outages and downtime. There are sites to check for outage alerts from different networks. For instance, visit Down Detector, on the search bar, enter US Cellular. You will receive notifications on possible downtime or outage on the network.

e. Restart Phone

Switch off your phone. Wait for a couple of minutes and switch on the phone. This simple tip can fix minor bugs on your phone that may be interfering with signals.

f. Check Network Settings

As mentioned earlier, the networking setting is automatically updated on most recent smartphones. But it doesn’t hurt to check.

If the network setting doesn’t correspond with US Cellular settings, simply revert your networking settings to the default setting. Switch off your phone and switch on the phone after some seconds.

g. Update Smartphone Firmware

Firmware in a nutshell is the software that powers the hardware on your phone. Updates are released regularly by phone manufacturers. Failure to update your phone’s firmware can affect the functionality of the phone.

First, you have to check for available firmware updates, then download and install the latest version of the firmware. The process of updating firmware in a smartphone differs depending on the brand. Follow the video below to update the firmware in your smartphone.

h. Contact Customer Support

If none of the tips has worked so far, it’s time to contact US Cellular tech support team. The tech support person will work you through other technical processes to fix the issue.

Contact US Cellular via 611 from your US Cellular number or 888-944-9400 from any other number. 

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