US Cellular Port Out: Ultimate Guide To Port Number From US Cellular

Last Updated on May 3, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

You don’t necessarily have to lose your number when you leave the US Cellular network. You have the option to take your current phone number to a new carrier. The process is known as number transfer or port out.

To port your number from US Cellular to a new carrier, simply get your account details. Then contact the carrier’s porting or activation, and submit your details. The new carrier will place a port-out request on your behalf.

This post will explain the steps you need to take to complete the port-out process from US Cellular to any other network. That includes steps you have to take before you start the port-out process.

Prepare To Port Number From US Cellular

Here are some steps you have to take before you start the number port out process to make the process easy for you:

a. Keep US Cellular Number and Account Active

The number you want to port from US Cellular to another network must be active. You can’t port out a number that has been canceled. Also, you must be the original owner of the number. You can’t port a number that has been assigned to another customer.

Likewise, your US Cellular account must remain active before and during the port-out process. The network won’t allow you to port out your number if your account has been suspended.

Contact customer support to reactivate your account is suspended. You may need to pay a small reactivation fee for this.

b. Check Transfer Eligibility

Next, you have to contact the new carrier to check if your number is eligible for transfer to the network. Your number may not be eligible for transfer to the network.

That is why it’s advisable to do the transfer eligibility check before you start the port-out process. Contact the carrier’s porting or activation department to do the eligibility check.

c. Update and Unlock the Device

Finally, if you are bringing your device to the new network, ensure you unlock the device. If the device is locked to the US Cellular network, check the unlocking policy to see if the device meets the requirements for unlock. Skip this step if you intend to buy a new device from a new carrier.

Also, make sure you update the device software. The software referred to here is the firmware. That is the software that powers most functionality on a device.

The steps to update firmware will depend on your device type and model. But for most devices, you can update from the Settings icon. Go to Settings> About Phone> Check Now For Update> Install Now> Restart Device.

Account Details To Port Number From US Cellular

The new carrier will require you to submit your US Cellular account details. The carrier will need to submit the details to US Cellular to place a port-out request on your behalf. These are the details you need:

a. US Cellular Transfer PIN

US Cellular, like most carriers, requests a transfer PIN before approving any number transfer request on the network. The transfer PIN protects your number from unauthorized porting by scammers. Check this post on how to get your account transfer PIN.

b. US Cellular Account Number

The account number is also essential to complete the number transfer process. You can find the number from your online account or by calling US Cellular customer support. Check this post on the steps to get your account number.

Step-To-Step Guide To Port Number From US Cellular

The port-out method will depend on the new carrier’s porting method. All carriers adopt one or more of these porting methods below:

a. Visit Carrier’s Store

Simply visit the carrier’s store in your location and request to port your number to the network. Ensure you take your device with you if you intend to bring the device to the network. Also, go with your US Cellular account details.

The store agent will request your US Cellular account details. Also, you will need to sign up for the new network and select a plan. The store attendant in turn will contact US Cellular on your behalf to place a port-out request for your number.

After that, the agent will activate your number in the network. You will receive a physical SIM card or eSIM card after the process. Insert the SIM card into your phone and enjoy the new network.

b. Purchase and Activate Carrier’s SIM Card

Most networks prefer you complete the porting process following this method. Simply order the new Carrier’s SIM card online or in-store. During the activation process, select Transfer Existing Number.

Enter your US Cellular account details when prompted and continue the activation process. You will receive a notification via email when your number is active in the network.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number From US Cellular?

This depends on the new carrier and how soon they can place a port-out request to US Cellular. Most times, the process may take 30 minutes especially if you visit the carrier’s store.

Other times, it can take up to 24 hours especially if there is a glitch in the process. A landline number can take up to 7 days to port out. 

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From US Cellular?

The port out process itself is free. US Cellular will release your number to any network for free. The fees you have to pay are first any bill you accrued in your US Cellular account before you left the network.

Also, you have to pay an activation fee to the new carrier. The fee depends on the carrier.

What To Do After You Port Your Number From US Cellular?

After the new carrier activates your number in the network, the network will contact US Cellular once more to cancel your account. But it won’t hurt to contact US Cellular network yourself to confirm your account has been canceled.

Also, US Cellular will send you a final bill if you have an outstanding payment with them. Please, do well to clear the bill before the due date. 

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