Get US Cellular Transfer PIN, Account Number In Minutes

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

Looking to port your number from the US Cellular network to another network? All you need to do is to submit your US Cellular account details to the new carrier.

Most carriers will request for you submit your US Cellular transfer PIN and account number. Other carriers will go further to request the address and ZIP code in your account.

In a nutshell, to get your US Cellular transfer PIN, contact customer support and request your transfer PIN. On the other hand, you can find your US Cellular account number on your online account.

This post will explain in detail the process of getting these vital details that are essential to port your number to another network.

Does US Cellular Require a Transfer PIN?

Yes. US Cellular will require a transfer PIN to approve any number transfer request. The transfer PIN is quite different from the account security PIN.

The transfer PIN also known as the port out PIN adds an extra layer of protection to your account. The network does so to discourage scammers from placing number transfer requests for numbers that belong to others.

What this means is that US Cellular will not approve any number transfer request from another carrier without the transfer PIN. How it works is that you submit the transfer PIN to the new carrier.

The carrier will in turn submit the number transfer request with your transfer PIN and other details to US Cellular. 

How To Find US Cellular Transfer PIN

Unfortunately, you can’t have the transfer PIN on your account. You have to contact US Cellular customer support to get your transfer PIN.

Call US Cellular customer support at 800-872-4249. It is advisable to call support from your US Cellular phone when requesting your transfer PIN.

The support person will send a code to your phone to verify your account. Call the number back to the support person. You will get your transfer PIN as an SMS on your phone upon request.

US Cellular Account Number

This is the second essential detail you have to submit during your number port out process. US Cellular assigns an account number to all account holders during the activation process.

The account number is used to pay bills and make major changes in your US Cellular account. That includes porting out your number to another carrier. Note that this account number differs from your phone number.

How To Find US Cellular Account Number

There are three methods to find your US Cellular account number. You can find the account number on your monthly bill statement, on your online account, or by contacting customer support. Let’s explain the steps below:

Find US Cellular Account Number Online:

. Visit the account page, and enter your details to log into your account.

. Check the top right for your Account information. You will find your account number as one of the details there.

Find US Cellular Account Number On Bill Statement

As a US Cellular customer, the network sends you a monthly bill. Open your recent bill statement. Under the top column with the account information is the account number.

Find US Cellular Account Number From Customer Support

Similar to getting your transfer PIN, you can call customer support to request your account number.

Call US Cellular customer support at 800-872-4249 from your US Cellular number and request your account number. 

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