Verizon Wireless Final Bill (Complete Guide)

Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

If Verizon disconnects your account for whatever reason, you may think that the business with the Company is done. It may come as a surprise when you receive a bill from Verizon if they disconnect your account.

There is a possibility that Verizon can send you a bill after your account has been disconnected. This type of bill is known as the Verizon Final Bill. Don’t panic when you receive a notification for a final bill from Verizon.

This post explains what the Verizon final bill is. How you can pay the final bill when your Verizon account has been disconnected? Also, you will find out ways you can negotiate your Verizon final bill.

What Is The Verizon Final Bill?

As the name implies, the Verizon final bill is the bill Verizon sends to you after you discontinue using Verizon’s services. The bill covers your outstanding bills before your account was disconnected.

That includes outstanding bills in your regular bill cycle and cancellation fees if it applies. It also includes payments for leased equipment you failed to return after you disconnected your account.

Note that, it is possible to get more than one final bill from Verizon. The subsequent bills will include any new credits or charges accrued to your account before or after Verizon disconnects your account.

When Will Verizon Send Me A Final Bill

Verizon will send your final bill during your regular billing cycle. If you have more than one final bill, Verizon will send the rest of the bills in your next billing cycle.

Why Is Verizon Still Charging After Cancellation?

Verizon will still charge your account after cancellation for your outstanding bills that weren’t included in your last billing cycle.

They will also charge for new bills and charges that accrued after your account cancellation. That includes bills for your last billing cycle before canceling your account. The bill also includes fees for equipment on the lease you failed to return.

How Long Do I Have To Pay My Verizon Final Bill?

You have 180 days from the day the final bill was sent to clear the bill. This gives you enough time to check and confirm the details of your bills and make payments. It is advisable to pay the bill as early as you can.

How Do I Check Details Of My Verizon Final Bill?

Verizon does break down the details of your final bill to help you understand the new charges and credits. You can access your account and check the breakdown of your final bill.

If your bill doesn’t match your presumed bills, you can contact Verizon customer support to negotiate the bill. Follow the steps below to check the details of your final bill.

. Visit the Verizon Site.

. Enter your User ID and Password to access your account. Note that, you can access your account even after Verizon disconnects your account.

. Click on Billings to check the details of your Final bills.

How To Pay My Verizon Final Bill

There are three methods available for you to pay your Verizon final bill. Follow the first and second methods if your Verizon account is still active. Use the last method if Verizon has disconnected your account and your account is inactive.

Pay Verizon Final Bill Via My Verizon (Method 1)

. Visit the MyVerizon Site.

. Enter your User ID and Password to log into your account.

. Click on Billing and further click on Pay Bill.

. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process.

Pay Verizon Final Bill Via MyFiosApp (Method 2)

. Launch the MyFios App.

. Enter your account details to log into your account.

. Tap on Billing and further select Pay Bill.

. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process.

Pay Verizon Final Bill Online (Method 3)

This option comes in handy when your Verizon account is inactive. You can also choose this option when you want to pay your Verizon bill without creating an account or accessing your account.

. Visit the Verizon EQuickPay Page.

. Enter your Verizon Account Number.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your payment.

Note that you will be charged $3.50 for each payment you make using this method. Also, it will take 30 minutes or more for the payment to reflect in your Verizon account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verizon Wireless Prorated Final Bill?

Yes. When applicable, Verizon does prorate final bills. If applicable, prorate bills will be charged to your final bill for any advance charged after Verizon disconnects your account.

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