Generate Visible Account Number and PIN

Last Updated on March 8, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Porting a number out of the Visible network requires you to submit some details to the new carrier. The two details needed are the Visible account number and PIN.

Thankfully, unlike most carriers, it is quite easy to find the Visible account details.

In a nutshell, you can find your Visible account details on the app. Simply launch the Visible app, and check the profile page for the account number. The same applies to the account PIN too.

This post guides you through the process of how to find your Visible account details. That includes the account number, PIN, and ZIP code.

What Is a Visible Account Number?

The visible network assigns an account number to all account holders. The account numbers are assigned during the activation process. Your account number is unique to your account.

The Visible account number is used to pay bills, make changes in your account and complete the port out process. Note that this number is different from your Visible phone number.

How To Find The Visible Account Number?

Visible makes it easy to find your account details. Thankfully, you don’t have to contact their customer support or go through other lengthy processes to get the details.

The details are available on the Visible mobile app. Follow the steps below to find the detail:

. Download the Visible Mobile app if you have not. You can download the app on both the Android and Apple App stores.

. Enter your Username and Password to sign into your account.

 . Tap on Account on the bottom right of the account page.

. You will see your Account Number just below the phone number.

How To Find Visible Account PIN

The Visible account PIN doubles as the transfer PIN. It is the code you will enter where see the prompt to enter a Transfer PIN during the number port out process.

Unlike other carriers, Visible doesn’t have a default PIN. You need to generate the PIN in your account when you need it. Follow the steps below to generate your Visible transfer PIN.

. Sign into your Visible Mobile app account.

. Tap on Account on the bottom right of the account page.

. Tap on the Email New PIN just below the Account number.

. Select OK.

. Check the email address linked to your account for your new account PIN.

Forgot the Current Visible PIN

If you forgot your current Visible PIN, you can easily generate a new PIN. Although the current Visible PIN is valid for seven days, you can generate a new PIN if you lost the current one.

Visible allows you to generate up to 3 PINs within 24 hours. Note that, each new PIN you generate invalidates the old PIN. To generate a new PIN, simply follow the above steps for generating a PIN and a request for a new PIN.

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