Visible Port Out: Complete Guide

Last Updated on March 8, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that you can transfer your mobile number when switching from the Visible network to another network? 

The process is known as the number transfer or port out process. It allows you to transfer your number from one network to another seamlessly.

In summary, to port out or transfer your number from Visible to another network, you need to contact a new carrier and submit your Visible account details.

For some networks, you don’t need to contact the porting department. You simply purchase the new carrier’s SIM card and select ‘transfer an existing number’ during the activation process.

Continue reading this post to understand all the steps involved in porting a number out of the Visible network. Also learn other details like the cost and how long it takes to complete the process.

Preparations To Port Number From Visible Network

When you decide to transfer your number from the Visible network, there are some things you have to confirm before you start the process:

a. Select New Carrier

You know your reason for wanting to leave the Visible network. It could be that the network signal is not strong in your location or any other reason at all. The first thing you have to do is to decide on a new network.

Thankfully, there are several networks to choose from, in the United States, both Telecoms and Virtual networks (MVNO). Find a network that suits your data and call needs.

b. Confirm Transfer Eligibility

For most new networks, it is advisable to carry out number transfer eligibility. Your mobile number may not be eligible for transfer to the new network.

That is why it is best to contact the new carrier and confirm with them if you can transfer your number from Visible to their network.

c. Unlock Device

If you are taking your current phone to the new network, make sure you unlock the device. You can’t use your phone on the new network if it’s locked on the Visible network.

If your phone is still locked to the Visible network, check the Visible unlock policy to know the requirements for unlocking your phone. Once the phone meets these requirements, the network will automatically unlock the device.

d. Visible Number And Service Remain Active

The number you are trying to transfer from Visible to another network must be active and still assigned to you. Visible won’t approve any request to transfer a number that is not active.

Also, the number must be assigned to you as a Visible customer. For instance, if you changed your number at one point to a new number, you can’t transfer out the old number you changed.

Account Details To Transfer Number From Visible To Another Network

There are some details you need to submit to the new carrier to complete the number transfer process. The details are your Visible account details. Below are the details you need to provide the new carrier to complete the transfer process:

a. Visible Account Number

First, it is best to mention that the account number differs from the phone number. The account number is the unique number Visible assigns to all account holders after the activation process. Check this post on how to find your Visible Account number.

b. Visible Transfer PIN

This is the security PIN linked to your account. It is the same PIN you enter whenever you need to make any changes to your account. Check this post on how to find your Visible Transfer PIN.

Visible Port Out Process (Complete Guide)

Most times, the easiest way to complete the port out process is to visit the nearest store of the new carrier. Inform the store assistant that you want to port in or transfer your number from Visible to the network.

The store assistant will request the number you want to transfer and your Visible details. Provide your current number and the details above.

The assistant will help you complete the transfer process, including contacting Visible to release your number and activating the number on the new network’s SIM card.

The second method is to order the new carrier’s SIM card pack. During the activation process, select the ‘transfer an existing number’ option. Enter your Visible mobile detail and continue the process. The carrier will help you complete the port-out process.

What Happens After You Port Your Number From Visible Network

After you transfer your number from Visible, the number will become active in the new network. You will start enjoying all the pecks new and existing customers enjoy on the network.

Also, the carrier will contact Visible to deactivate your service, but it is advisable to contact Visible to confirm the cancellation of your account and service.

How Long Does The Visible Port Out Process Take?

Most times, if you do the port out in-store, the process will take an hour or less to complete. In other instances, like when you complete the process online, it can take up to 48 hours to complete the process.

If after 48 hours, your number is not active on the new network, contact the carrier’s customer support department to complain.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Out Number From Visible Network?

Surprisingly, the port-out process is free. You don’t have to pay a cent to port your number from Visible. The only fee you will have to pay is any outstanding fee you have on your Visible account before you start the port-out process. 

The network will send the said bill as your final bill in your next billing period.

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