Complete Guide To Fix Telstra TV Remote Not Working Issue

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

The Telstra TV remote is one of the accessories that come with the Telstra TV equipment kit. The remote comes preprogrammed to your TV box, so it should work once you insert a pair of batteries into the remote.

If your Telstra TV remote isn’t working, it can be a result of three main issues: the battery issue, the issue with the TV box, and the issue with the remote control.

Continue reading to know other reasons why your Telstra TV remote is not working and ways to fix the issue.

Why Is Your Telstra TV Remote Not Working

a. Issue With Batteries

This is the first thing to check if your TV remote is having issues. It may be an issue with battery placement or that the battery set is not a compatible pair. Another reason may be that the current battery pair in the remote is dead or damaged.

b. Distance From TV Box

The Telstra TV box remote works with infrared technology. That means that the remote needs to be held close to the TV to work.

Also, the remote won’t work if objects are obstructing the direct view of the remote from your TV.

c. Remote Disconnected From TV

The remote comes programmed to your TV. But if you perform a factory reset on the remote, it will disconnect from the TV. This means that you have to program the remote to the TV again for it to work.

How To Get Your Telstra TV Remote To Work

So far, we’ve listed some of the possible reasons why your TV isn’t working. Now let’s check some tips to fix the issue in no time.

a. Hold Remote Close To TV

As mentioned earlier, the Telstra remote works with infrared technology. This means that the remote needs to be held close enough to your TV to work. Make sure you hold the remote not more than 30 feet from your TV.

Also, ensure that there is no object blocking the remote and TV. That means that the remote control needs to be in the line of sight of your TV.

b. Check TV Cord

While you may be assuming that the issue is from your remote control, it may be that your TV isn’t even plugged in. Check the TV cord and make sure it is plugged into the power source.

Also, check the cord for damages. Try connecting the TV to another power source if the initial power outlet isn’t working.

c. Check Remote Batteries

Open the battery compartment behind the remote control and check the batteries. First, make sure the batteries insert and AAA batteries Also, check the battery placement and ensure that the batteries sync the (-/+) polarity.

Finally, check the batteries for wet patches. That’s an indication that the remote is bad. Replace the batteries with a new pair of AAA batteries.

d. Check For Infrared Blockers

These are objects that block infrared signals. They include brick, paper, aluminum foil, wood, glass, wood, and Plexiglas. Check for and remove these objects near your remote control.

e. Restart Your Telstra TV

The glitch may be from your TV. You can fix the issue by restarting your Telstra TV. Unplug your TV cord from the power source. Wait for 60 seconds and plug it back into the power source. Turn on the TV and try using the remote again.

If you have the Telstra TV app, you can restart your TV with the app. Follow the steps here to complete the process: Go to Home> Scroll down to Settings> System> Power> System Restart> Restart.

f. Switch To Telstra TV App

If the TV remote still doesn’t work, you can switch to an alternative. You can switch to a universal remote control or the Telstra TV app.

A universal remote control when programmed can be used on your Telstra TV. You need the Telstra TV remote codes to complete the process.

The Telstra TV app serves as a smart remote control in place of the Telstra remote control. Also, you can watch Telstra TV on the app.

How To Use The Telstra TV App As Remote Control.

. Launch the Telstra TV App on your smartphone.

. Tap on Menu and select Settings.

. Tap on Pair With Telstra TV and select Refresh.

. Wait for the TV to scan your network to find your Telstra TV. The Telstra TV will pair with the remote automatically.

. You will see the remote icon on the bottom right-hand side of your TV when your remote control is paired to your TV.


So far, this post has explained some possible reasons why your Telstra remote control isn’t working. The latter part of the post provided possible solutions to fix the issue.

The highlight of the tips is to switch to an alternative which is either a universal remote control or the Telstra TV app. 

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