Safelink Change Phone Number: Quick Guide

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Looking for a guide to change your Safelink Wireless phone number? This is the post for you. Safelink Wireless allows you to change your current phone number without the need to purchase a SIM Card.

To change your current Safelink Wireless phone number, contact customer support and request to change your number. The customer support person will ask some questions to verify your account. After that, the network will assign a new phone number to you.

That is the process in a nutshell. Continue reading this post to understand the step-to-step guide on how to change your number. Also, you will learn other aspects of the process, like things to do before you request to change your phone number.

What To Do Before You Change Phone Number On Safelink

Before you start the process to change your phone number, there are some things you need to do. These steps will help make the process seamless and save you from losing important data. They include the following:

a. Safelink Account

You can only request Safelink to change your phone number if you are an active customer on the network. Even if you want to change a number you transferred from another network, you have to activate the number and account on the Safelink network first.

The network won’t approve a phone number request from a customer on another network.

Besides having an account, the account has to be active too. If for any reason the account is suspended on the network or you’ve canceled the account, first contact customer support to reactivate the account.

b. Number You Own

Also, ensure that the number you want to change is currently assigned to you. The network won’t approve a request to change a phone number assigned to another customer. That is why you will need to verify your account during the process.

c. Save Voicemail Messages

During the number change process, you will lose all your voicemails on the previous number. It is advisable to through the voicemails and take note of all important information.

Guide To Change Safelink Wireless Number

There are two options available on how to change your current number on Safelink Wireless. The first option is via text, and the second option is by calling customer support. Let’s explain each of the options in detail below:

Change Safelink Wireless Number Via Text

To do this simply text MINC to 611611. Ensure you send the text from the Safelink phone number you want to change. Follow the onscreen instructions on how to verify your account. The network will send you a confirmation message via SMS or email after you are assigned a new number.

Change Safelink Wireless Number Via Customer Support

The second and fastest option is to call customer support. Call Safelink customer support at 1-800-378-1684. Request a new number after you connect to a support person.

The support person may ask you for some details like your Safelink Wireless enrollment number to verify your account. After that, you will receive a confirmation message when the process is done.

Does Safelink Allow You to Choose A Phone Number?

No. You can’t pick a specific number on the Safelink wireless network. What you can do is select an area code, and the network will assign a number in the area code to you. The network can make an exception for you though if you have a valid reason for that.

What To Do After You Change Your Number On Safelink Wireless

After you change the number, the previous number will cease to be active. Calls to the old number won’t go through. That means you have to share the current number with anyone you want to reach. Also, remember to set up voicemail for the new number.

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