Get SafeLink Account Number And PIN In Minutes

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Porting your number from SafeLink to another carrier will require you to contact a new carrier and request to transfer your number. The new carrier will request some details from you to complete the process.

The important details are your SafeLink account number, transfer PIN, and Safelink enrollment number. You need to have these details handy to complete the port-out process.

Unlike what most people think, the SafeLink account number is not your phone’s IMEI or even SIM card number.

In a nutshell, you have to contact SafeLink customer support to get both your SafeLink account number and transfer PIN. 

Continue reading this post to get in-depth detail on how to find the account number and PIN. Also, you will find out you have to recover the account number and PIN if you lose them.

What Is SafeLink Account Number

Your SafeLink account number is the number SafeLink assigns to every account holder. The account number is NOT the IMEI code or serial number on your device. 

How To Find SafeLink Account Number

For most carriers, you can find your account number and even transfer PIN online. That is not the same for SafeLink. To find your SafeLink account number, you have to contact customer support. It was mentioned you have to contact customer support to get your account number. 

The fastest way to get the SafeLink account number is to text Chat to 611611 from your SafeLink number. Once you a customer support person joins the chat, request for your account number.

Another option is to call customer support at 1-800-378-1684 and request for your account number via voice call.

Remember to have your SafeLink enrollment number handy because you will need it to verify your account to get the account number.

SafeLink Account Transfer PIN

SafeLink Wireless does have a transfer PIN. The transfer PIN is what you enter when you want to port your number to a new carrier. The transfer PIN is different from the account security PIN. 

To get your SafeLink transfer PIN, text NTP to 611611. You will be required to enter the enrollment number to get your trasnfer PIN.

Can’t Find SafeLink Account Number or PIN

If for any reason, you can’t find your account number or you’ve changed your account PIN and can’t remember your PIN, don’t worry. You can recover these details by contacting the SafeLink customer support department at 1-800-378-1684.

The customer support person will ask some questions to verify your account. Also, you may receive a code on your phone that you will call. After that, you will get the account number and PIN as SMS on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is SafeLink Number The Same With Account Number?

No. The SafeLink number is different from the SafeLink account number. It is the account number that you use to port your number to another network.

Does SafeLink Have a Security PIN?

Yes. SafeLink does have a designated security PIN. Note that the security PIN is different from your transfer PIN. The transfer PIN is what you use to port your number to a new carrier. You can change this PIN in your account.

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