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As a Safelink customer, your enrollment number is one of the essential details you need to maintain your account. You will notice that the network will always prompt you to enter your enrollment number whenever you want to make a change in your account.

If you’ve lost or can’t remember your enrollment number, this post is for you. Simply contact Safelink customer support to get your enrollment number.

Continue reading this post to learn more about the enrollment number and how you can find your current number. That if you still have a starter pack the network sent to you after you enrolled in the program.

What Is a Safelink Enrollment Number?

The Safelink enrollment number is the ID number the Safelink network assigns you after you enroll in the program. The number is different from your Safelink account number.

Why Is Safelink Enrollment Number Important?

As mentioned earlier, the enrollment number is important because the network will prompt you to input it any time you want to make an essential change to your account. For instance, you will get the prompt to enter your enrollment number when you want to log into your account.

Also, you need to number anytime you contact customer support to make any change to your account. Finally, if you want to order a replacement SIM card or phone, the network will prompt you to enter the number.

This shows that your enrollment number is important to your Safelink account and you should always have it handy.

Where To Find Your Current Safelink Enrollment Number?

If you still have the starter pack and letter that Safelink sent to your address, you can find the enrollment number on the pack. Simply check the letter that came with the pack. Also, you can find the enrollment number on the back of the SIM card pack.

Can’t Find Your Safelink Enrollment Number?

If you’ve lost your starter pack and can’t remember your enrollment number, you can always get the number. Simply contact Safelink customer support at 1-800-378-1684. When you connect to a support person, request your enrollment number.

The support person will ask you some questions to verify you are the owner of the account. After that, you will receive your enrollment number as an SMS on your Safelink number.


So far, this post has outlined the importance of your Safelink enrollment number. Also, it explained how to find the enrollment number and what to do if you can’t find the number. 

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