Cricket Wireless Change Number: Quick Guide

Last Updated on January 10, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you are tired of getting those unsolicited calls from bill collectors and telemarketers, you have the option of changing your Cricket Wireless number.

Cricket Wireless gives you the option to change your current number to a new number while maintaining your current plan.

In summary, to change your Cricket Wireless number, contact the Customer Support department and request to change your current number. The customer support person will complete the number change process after getting details to verify your account.

Note that this process is different from the process of transferring a number from another carrier to the Cricket Wireless network.

This post will guide you through the entire process required to change your phone number on Cricket.

Requirements To Change Number On Cricket Wireless

There are requirements you need to have in place to enable you to change your number on the Cricket Wireless network. The network won’t approve your request to change your number without these.

a. Account Must Be Active

Your Cricket Wireless account must be active to complete the number change process. You can’t change a phone number linked to an account that has been suspended or inactive.

If your Cricket Wireless account has been suspended, pay your outstanding bill and reactivation fee to reactivate the account. You can change numbers after that.

b. Type of Number Matters

There are some numbers that you can’t change on the Cricket Wireless network. For instance, if the number is a toll-free number or a vanity number, you can’t change those.

Make sure your number can be changed before you commence the number change process.

What You Need To Change Number On Cricket Wireless Network

There are some details you need to complete the number transfer process on the Cricket Wireless network. The network will need these details to confirm that you are the owner of the said account. So, you see that these measures are important to checkmate fraud.

. IMEI Number

This number can be found on your device. Simply go to Settings> General> About Phone (Device)> IMEI Number.

. SIM Card Number

Customer support may also request the current SIM Card number to complete the process. To get this number, check the SIM Card kit for your current number. The SIM card number can be found on the back of the SIM pack.

How To Change Cricket Wireless Number

With these details in place, follow the steps below to complete the number change process:

a. Contact Customer Support:

The first step is to contact Cricket Wireless customer support. You can contact the support department via call at 1-800-274-2538. Another option is to use the Chat option on the contact us page.

b. Request To Change Current Number

Once you get through to a customer support person, request to change your number. Remember to contact the support team with your current Cricket number.

c. Verify Details:

The support person will ask for some details like the IMEI number and current SIM card number. Also, you may be asked some other questions to verify that you are the owner of the account. After that, the support person will complete the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Number On Cricket Wireless?

Unfortunately, the number change process is not free on Cricket Wireless. It costs $15 to change your number on Cricket Wireless.

How Long Does It Take To Change Number On Cricket Wireless?

It takes less than 1 hour to complete the number change process once you provide the current details for your account. If after 2 hours, the transfer process is not complete, contact the customer support team again to fasten the process. There won’t be the need to do this most times, because the process is quite fast.

What Happens After You Change Number On Cricket Wireless

After you change your number, there are some changes you have to make. This doesn’t have to do with your current plan. These are some of the things to do after you change your number:

i. Setup Voicemail

You will lose your existing voicemails and voicemail greetings. So you have to set up a new voicemail greeting on your new number.

ii. Share Number

It’s time to share the new number with friends and family. Anybody trying to reach you via your old number will get the ‘The number you dialed is not a working number’ error message.

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