Does Cricket Wireless Work In Mexico?

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Do you have plans to travel to Mexico and you want to know if your Cricket Wireless phone will work in Mexico? Short answer, Yes. Your Cricket wireless phone will work in Mexico.

You don’t need to buy another phone while in Mexico because your Cricket phone will serve you perfectly.

This post will take you through all you need to know about using the Cricket Wireless phone in Mexico. That includes cost and other details you need to know.

How Does Cricket Wireless Roaming Work?

Cricket Wireless has a network partnership with a couple of network providers in Mexico. The network partnership enables Cricket customers to continue enjoying Cricket service while in Mexico.

Right now, Cricket Wireless has this partnership agreement with AT&T Mexico (iUSACell) and Telcel networks. This means that once you are in the coverage areas of these two networks, you can still enjoy your Cricket Wireless service.

Using Cricket Wireless Mobile Data In Mexico

Cricket wireless roaming allows you to enjoy high-speed internet in Mexico, especially on the AT&T Mexico network. You will also enjoy high-speed internet if you are on any of the Cricket unlimited plans.

The data speed on the Telcel network most times is not that fast. But generally, your data speed while roaming in Mexico will depend on your location, plan, device, and roaming network service.

Note that your data speed may be reduced to 128 Kbps for the remaining time in the month once you exhaust your high-speed data.

Calls and Texts On Cricket Wireless In Mexico

 While roaming, you can make calls and send texts on your Cricket Wireless phone in Mexico. The network allows an unlimited number of incoming texts and MMS. But you need to subscribe to their unlimited plan to make calls and send texts.

Tips To Get Your Cricket Wireless Phone Ready For Use In Mexico

There are some things you need to do while in the United States to get your phone ready to use in Mexico. Below are the tips you need to know.

a. Compare Rates

Before you decide to opt for Cricket Wireless roaming, it is advisable to compare rates. Check the rates of getting a local phone in Mexico with that of Cricket Wireless roaming service.

Also, Cricket Wireless roaming has some terms which I will discuss later in the post. The terms make the service unfavorable especially if you are a heavy user.

b. Activate Roaming

You have to activate the roaming feature on your phone. When the roaming option is on, your phone can easily connect to any of the Cricket wireless partner networks in Mexico.

c. Subscribe To Cricket Unlimited Plan

To enjoy your Cricket Roaming service, it is advisable to subscribe to any of the unlimited plans on Cricket Wireless. It is best to do this while you are in the States.

How To Activate Cricket Wireless Roaming?

There is no specific way to activate the Cricket Wireless roaming service. All you have to do is subscribe to any of their unlimited plans. It automatically gives you access to the roaming service.

Also, you need to activate the roaming feature on your phone. Once you get to Mexico, your phone will automatically search for and connect to the network within 60 seconds.

Cricket Wireless Roaming Plans For Mexico

As mentioned earlier, you need to subscribe to Cricket Wireless’s unlimited plan to enjoy the roaming feature. The unlimited plan starts from $100 a month and can go as high as $130 per month. Check this page on the Cricket Wireless Mexico roaming plan and the rates.

Activate Roaming Feature On Your Phone

We mentioned earlier that you need to activate the voice and data roaming feature on your phone to enable you to use it outside the Cricket Wireless coverage area.

When you activate the feature, your phone can easily connect to Cricket Wireless partner network while in Mexico to enable you to continue using your Mint Mobile phone.

The process of activating roaming on your phone depends on the device. Follow the steps to activate it on iPhone and Android (Samsung).

Activate Roam On iPhone

. Turn off your Mobile data

. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone, and scroll down to ‘Mobile Data’.

. Select ‘Cellular Data’.

. Toggle on the Data Roaming option.

Activate Roam On Android (Samsung)

. Turn off your Mobile data

. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone, and scroll down to ‘Connections’.

. Tap on Mobile Networks.

. Toggle on the Data Roaming option.

Is Cricket Wireless Roaming In Mexico Worth It?

It is important to mention the not-so-good aspect of Cricket Wireless roaming in Mexico. This will allow you to make a rounded decision to opt for the service or not.

First, to enjoy high-speed internet, you need to connect to the AT&T Mexico network. Connecting to any other network may reduce your internet speed to 2G speed.

Also, according to the information on the Cricket Wireless site, you are required to ‘reduce your call and data usage to under 50% of your total usage in 3 months account’. Cricket Wireless will suspend your account if you fail to adhere to this.

In summary, the Cricket Wireless roaming option is best if you use your phone moderately. It’s not advisable for heavy phone users.


Although you can use your Cricket Wireless phone in Mexico, it is advisable to do that only if you use your phone services moderately. Also, you can opt for public Wi-Fi in Mexico to reduce your data usage. 

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