Quick Guide to Fix ‘Safelink Tracking Number Not Working’

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Are you expecting a package from Safelink and your tracking number is not working? No need to worry just yet. This post is for you.

If your Safelink tracking number is not working, it could be that the tracking number is either incorrect or invalid.

To fix this issue, contact Safelink customer support. The support person will guide you on the steps to fix the issue.

Continue reading this post to understand how the Safelink tracking number works. You will learn how to find the correct tracking number and the steps to take if your current tracking number is not working.

Understanding How The Safelink Tracking Number Works

After your application has been approved for a new phone or a replacement phone, Safelink will ship a new phone to your address.

After that, you will receive a tracking number to track your package while in transit. With the tracking number, you can monitor the expected date the package will get to your destination.

How To Find Safelink Tracking Number

There are two ways to find your Safelink tracking number. The first option is to check the email account Safelink sent you after they shipped your order.

If you can’t find the email, don’t worry. You can still find the tracking number on your online account. Follow the steps below to find the number:

. Visit the Safelink account page.

. Enter your email and password or Safelink enrollment number to sign into your account.

. Scroll down to Ticket and Tracking Number.

How To Fix Safelink Tracking Number Not Working

As mentioned, if the tracking number is not working, it means the number is incorrect. Go back to check the tracking number in your account or email to be sure you are using the correct number.

If the tracking number is correct and still not working, contact Safelink customer support at 1-800-378-1684. The support person will guide you on additional steps to take to fix the issue.

Safelink Tracking Number Not Showing

You are supposed to see the tracking number on your online account. If your Safelink tracking number is not showing it means that Safelink has not shipped your order yet. Thus, no tracking number has been generated for you yet.

How To Track A Safelink Shipping

The tracking number email comes with other details to track your package. That includes the shipping company. Visit the Shipping Company’s site. Click on Track a package. Enter the tracking number. 

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