Airtalk Wireless Change Phone Number: Complete Guide

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited calls from unknown numbers on your Airtalk Wireless number? You have the option to change your current phone number.

Airtalk Wireless is one of the carriers that allow customers to switch to a new number.

To change your Airtalk wireless phone number, you can either order a new SIM card or apply to change your current phone number. I prefer the second option because it is faster and cheaper.

In summary, to change your Airtalk Wireless phone number, call customer support and request to change your number.

Continue reading to learn other details on how to change your current phone number on Airtalk Wireless.

What You Need To Change Airtalk Wireless Phone Number

Below are some of the things you need to have in place before Airtalk Wireless can approve your number change request:

a. Ownership Of Number

The number you want to change must be a number assigned to you when you first joined the network. In other words, the Primary account holder is the only person permitted to apply to change a phone number.

AirTalk Wireless will not approve your number change request for a phone number assigned to another customer. Also, the number has to be active

b. Active Airtalk Wireless Account

Also, your AirTalk wireless account must be active. The network won’t approve your request to change your phone number if your account is no longer active.

Take steps to reactivate your account first if the account is no longer active for any reason before you apply to change the number.

How To Change AirTalk Wireless Phone Number

Here are the steps to take to apply for a phone number change request:

a. Contact AirTalk Wireless Support

As mentioned, AirTalk Wireless customer support handles phone number change requests. So, first, you have to contact support at 1-855-924-7825.

After you connect to a support person, request to change your phone number.

You can contact customer support with any line. But for best results, contact support call support with the AirTalk wireless phone number you want to change.

b. Verify AirTalk Wireless Account

You need to verify your account for the network to approve your request. This is to reduce or prevent incidents of fraud.

The verification process differs. But most times, the customer support person may ask for your AirTalk wireless account number or other personal details.

c. Wait It Out

After verifying your account, the support person will either approve or reject your request. If your request is approved, you will get an email and SMs confirmation message.

How Long Does It Take To Change AirTalk Wireless Phone Number?

You can complete the actual number change process within 30 minutes. But it can take a couple of hours for the new phone number to be active. So, you have to wait for some hours after you complete the process for the new number to become active.

How Much Does It Cost To Change AirTalk Wireless Phone Number?

The first number change request is free. The network won’t charge you to complete your request. But subsequent requests after that may attract a little fee. 

Can You Choose A New Phone Number?

No. You can’t choose a particular phone number. But you can select an area code and get a phone number within the area code.

What Next After Changing AirTalk Wireless Phone Number?

After changing your number, first, you need to make calls on the new number to ensure it works fine. Then share the new number with friends and family because the old phone number will stop going through.

Finally, set up a new voicemail welcome message on the network because your previous voicemail welcome message will be deleted. 

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