Ooma Port Number: Step-to-Step Guide

Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that you can bring your existing number to the Ooma network? The process is known as the number porting process.

With the port in process, you don’t need to get a new number when you switch to the Ooma network. You continue using your existing number on the network.

To port your number to Ooma, collect your account information from your current carrier. Fill in the Letter of Authorization form on the Ooma site.

Wait for Ooma to request your number from your previous carrier. After that, your number will be active on the Ooma network. That is the summary of the process.

This post breaks down the process in detail. You will also learn other details about the process, like what you need, how long it takes, and how much it costs to port a number to the Ooma network.

Preparing To Port Number To Ooma Network

Before you start the actual porting process, there are some steps you need to take to ensure the process is seamless. Ensure these are in place with your carrier before you start the process:

a. Keep Account Active

Some people make the mistake of canceling their account before or during the porting process. That is a wrong move. You have to keep your account with your current carrier active during and after the number transfer process.

Only cancel your account when your number is active on the Ooma network. Most carriers will automatically cancel your account after you port out from their network.

b. Separate Numbers

Another thing to do is to separate the numbers. This is for you if you have several numbers linked to one account. Contact your carrier to separate the number you want to port to Ooma to a separate account before you start the process.

c. Separate DSL Service

If the number you want to port handles both DSL service and phone service, contact your carrier to separate the DSL service.

Details You Need To Port Number To Ooma Network

As always, when porting your number to a new network, there are details you need to provide the new carrier. The new carrier will need the details to place a port-out request to your previous carrier on your behalf.

These are the details you need to port your number to the Ooma network:

. First and last name of the account holder.

. Address

. The phone number you want to port

. Account number (Account number with your previous network).

How To Port Number To Ooma Network

With the above details in place, it’s time to start the port-in process. To do that, follow the steps below:

. Visit the Ooma account page.

. Enter your account details to log into your account.

. Click on Add-on

. Click on Number Port

. Fill out the form on the number porting. Make sure you include the following details in the form: broadband internet service type, phone number, and type of phone number (mobile, landline, or VoIP).

. Click on Next and upload a recent copy of your phone bill from your previous carrier.

. Read through and fill out the Letter of Authorization form.

. Click on Check Out, and pay the port-in fee to complete the process.

What To Do After Porting Your Number To Ooma Network

First, wait to ensure that the port-in process is complete. Ooma will send you an email or even call the number to notify you when your number becomes active on the network.

Also, call the line with another number to ensure that calls are going through.  

After that, contact your previous carrier to cancel your account. It’s important to do this because some carriers may continue to bill your account even after you port your number from the network.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number To Ooma Network

According to the information on the Ooma site, it takes two weeks to complete the number port-in process. It can take less than that but it will depend on how long it takes your previous carrier to approve the port-out request and release your number.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number To Ooma Network

Unfortunately, you have to pay a fee to port your number to the Ooma network. You pay a one-time fee of $39.99. You pay this fee when applying for the port-in process.

How To Avoid Ooma Porting Fee

Thankfully, you can avoid paying the port-in fee. Simply subscribe to the annual plan on Ooma Premier to get the waiver.  

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