Xfinity Mobile Port Out: Complete Guide

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Looking for information on how to port out your number from Xfinity Mobile to a new carrier? This post has all the information you need.

Transferring your number from Xfinity Mobile to another carrier is quite easy. All you need is to get your Xfinity Mobile account details. Contact the new carrier, submit the details, and request to transfer to the network.

For some carriers, you need to purchase the network’s SIM card pack and opt for ‘Bring Your Number’ to the network during the activation process.

This post takes you through the entire process of porting your number from Xfinity Mobile to another carrier. You will learn the details you need for the process and all the steps you need to complete the process.

Getting Ready To Port Number From Xfinity Mobile Network

Here are some things you need to get ready before you start the transfer process to move your number to another carrier:

a. Check For Transfer Eligibility

At this point, I know you have a new carrier in mind. A new carrier that meets the needs that made you decide to leave Xfinity Mobile network in the first instance.

The next step is to contact the carrier to ensure that you can move your number to their network. The process is called the number transfer eligibility check.

This is because there are instances in which your number is not eligible for transfer to the network. So, you have to confirm you can transfer the number to the network before you commence the port process.

Simply contact the new carrier’s porting department, submit your number, and wait for confirmation.

Most people wait till they commence the transfer process to carry out this check. But you will save yourself time and avoid delays if you check this before you start the transfer process.

b. Keep Xfinity Mobile Number and Service Active

Before and during the transfer process, you need to make sure your Xfinity Mobile account remains active. Contact Xfinity Mobile customer support (check for details below) to reactivate your account if it was suspended for any reason.

In addition to keeping your account active, ensure that the number you want to transfer is active and still assigned to you.

c. Unlock Phone

If you intend to use your Xfinity Mobile phone in the new network, make sure the device is unlocked. Any device locked to the Xfinity Mobile network can’t be used on another carrier.

Check the Xfinity Mobile unlocking policy and contact the network to unlock your device if it meets the unlocking requirements.

Xfinity Mobile Account Details To Port Number

These are the details you need to submit to the new carrier during the number transfer process. You can find these details in your Xfinity Mobile account. Here are the details you need:

. Xfinity Mobile Transfer PIN

This is your account’s security PIN. It is the PIN you enter when you want to make any serious change to your online account. The PIN services as your transfer PIN during the port-out process. Check this post on how to find Xfinity Mobile Transfer PIN.

. Xfinity Mobile Account Number

This is the account number Xfinity Mobile assigns to all customers. The account number is different from your mobile number. Also, check this post to find your Xfinity Mobile account number.

How To Port Out Number From Xfinity Mobile (Step To Step Guide)

There are three ways to complete the process but they all involve contacting the new carrier.

Method 1: Visit Carrier Store

This method is the fastest because you can have the number transferred and a new SIM card activated in 30 minutes or less. Simply visit the carrier’s outlet or store in your location and request to port out your number.

The store assistant will help you with the transfer process. Remember to take your account number and PIN. With the details, the store assistant will contact Xfinity Mobile and request to port out your number.

Finally, a new SIM card will be activated with your number in the network. Once the process is complete, you can continue using your number in the new network.

Method 2: Contact Porting Department

The second method is to contact the carrier’s porting department either online or via chat and request to port your number. Have your details handy during the process.

Method 3: Activate New SIM Card

This method involves purchasing the new carrier’s SIM card pack. Select ‘Transfer Existing Number’ during the activation process. Enter your Xfinity Mobile account details and continue with the SIM card activation process. You will receive an SMS or email notification once your number is activated in the network.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number From Xfinity Mobile?

The time it takes to complete the port-out process depends on the method you opted for. But in most scenarios, you should have the number up and running in 30 minutes or so, especially if you completed the process in a carrier’s store.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From Xfinity Mobile?

Normally, Xfinity Mobile won’t charge you to port out your number from the network. Any fee you get to pay is any outstanding bill you accrued on your Xfinity Mobile account before you transferred your number from the network.

Note that, you may have to pay an activation fee to the new carrier during the activation process.

What To Do After Porting Your Number From Xfinity Mobile?

After your number is active in the new network, there are some loose ends you need to tie with the Xfinity Mobile network. First, you have to contact Xfinity Customer support to cancel your account.

Although the network says on their site that the network will cancel your account once you port your number. But it is advisable to contact the network after the process to confirm they cancel your account.

Also, if you have any outstanding bills, Xfinity Mobile will send you a final bill in your next billing cycle. Ensure you pay off the bill when you receive it. 

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