Boost Mobile Port Number: Step-to-Step Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you are looking for a guide on how to port your number to Boost Mobile network, here is a guide for you. Boost Mobile allows you to port numbers from another carrier to the network.

Boost Mobile will handle the entire process. All you have to do is provide your port-out details from your previous carrier and apply for a port-in on the Boost Mobile site.

Boost Mobile will submit a port-out request to your previous carrier on your behalf.

Continue reading this post to understand the process in detail. Also, you will learn other aspects of the process like the information you need to port your number.

Getting Ready To Port Number To Boost Mobile

Here is a list of some of the things you have to get ready before you start the process:

a . Unlock Phone Locked Previous Carrier

This only applies if you are bringing a phone to the network. Ensure the phone is not locked to any other carrier. In other words, any phone you are bringing to the Boost Mobile network has to be unlocked.

If your device is currently locked to any other network, contact the carrier to unlock your phone. Most carriers will unlock your device automatically once it meets the unlock requirements.

If not, you may have to pay an unlocking fee to get the device unlocked. 

b. Update Phone Firmware

Any phone you plan you use on the Boost Mobile phone, you have to ensure the firmware is up to date. The firmware is the software that powers the phone.

To update firmware on the iPhone, tap on Settings> General> Software Update> Install Now> Enter Passcode> Install Now.

c. Active Account

Your account with your soon-to-be previous carrier has to remain active for the duration of the process.

Some people cancel their accounts once they apply for the port-in process on the Boost Mobile network. That is wrong.

Your account has to remain active for the duration of the port-in process. You can only cancel your account after your number becomes active on the Boost Mobile network.

d. Number Port Eligibility Check

Also, you have to carry out a number portability check on the Boost Mobile network before you start the port-in process.

You can do this during the actual process, but it is best to do so before you start the process.

The number portability check is necessary to confirm if your number is eligible to be ported to the Boost Mobile network. Don’t just assume that your number is eligible. Check and confirm.

Contact Boost Mobile support at 1-800-683-7392 to confirm the number port eligibility.

Details You Need To Port Number To Boost Mobile

a. Social Security Number

Boost Mobile will request you to input the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number during the number port-in process.

b. Account Number

Boost Mobile will require you to submit the account number from your previous carrier.

This is the account number the previous carrier assigned to your account when you first activated your account on the platform.

For some carriers, you can find this account number on your online account or via the mobile app. For other carriers, you have to contact customer support to get the account number.

Use the search bar on this site, and enter your Carrier Account Number to find your carrier account details.

c. Transfer PIN

This is the PIN you need to port your number out of any network. It is also known as the port PIN. Most times, you have to contact customer support to get this detail.

Also, use the search bar to find a guide to learn how to find your carrier’s transfer PIN.

How To Port Number To Boost Mobile

When it comes to porting your number to Boost Mobile, you can either complete the process online or contact support.

We will update this post later in the online process. For now, check below for the customer support process:

Have your account details from your previous carrier handy. Contact Boost Mobile support at 1-833-502-6678. Request to port your number to the Boost Mobile network.

The customer support person will request for the following details:

  • Phone Number
  • Account Number
  • Transfer PIN
  • Social Security Number (last 4-digits)
  • Device IMEI number (dial *#06#)
  • Email address

Another option is to use the Boost Mobile store locator. Find a store near you. Visit the store and request to port your number. Take your phone, the above account details, and a Credit Card with you.

What Type Of Lines Can You Port To Boost Mobile?

You can port both a landline and a wireless number to the Boost Mobile number.

On the other hand, the network won’t allow you to port Special numbers, pager numbers, and toll-free numbers to the network.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number To Boost Mobile?

It doesn’t cost anything to port your number to the Boost Mobile network. The network won’t even charge you an activation fee. That is how cheap the process is.

The only payment you have to make during the activation process is payment for a plan. You pay for your first month’s plan which is $25 for the entire month.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number To Boost Mobile?

According to the information on the Boost Mobile site, it takes a couple of hours to complete the port-in process. This is after you submit your application.

In the case of a landline, it can take up to five business days to complete the port-in. This is because of how complicated it is to port a landline from one network to another.

In summary, the duration of the process will depend on your previous career. If your previous carrier releases your number immediately after they receive the request from Boost Mobile, it will be active within a couple of hours.

What Happens After You Port Number To Boost Mobile?

You will receive a confirmation email and SMS when the port process is complete. Your number will become active on the Boost Mobile network.

After that, your account will be deactivated automatically on your previous network. However it is advisable to contact your previous carrier to ensure your account has been deactivated.

Also, the previous carrier will send you a final bill if you have an outstanding balance on the network. Pay off the final bill before the due date. 

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