Boost Mobile Port Out: Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you check the Boost Mobile site, there is no tangible information on how to port out your number from the network. This is understandable because no carrier wants to see a loyal customer.

If for any reason, you’ve decided to switch from the Boost Mobile network to any other carrier, we got you. You can easily complete the port-out process as long as you follow the instructions in this post.

In a nutshell, to port or transfer your number from Boost Mobile to another network, simply find a new carrier. Submit your Boost Mobile account number, Transfer PIN, and other personal details to the new carrier. The carrier will complete the port out process for you.

Keep reading to understand the entire steps involved in the process of transferring your number from Boost Mobile to another network.

 Getting Ready To Port Out Number From Boost Mobile

There are things you need to consider and put in place before you start the process of transferring your number out of Boost Mobile. These steps will make the process easy for you.

a. Find A New Carrier

This step is straight to the point. After you decide to transfer your number from Boost Mobile, the next step is to find a new carrier. You have to ensure that the new carrier meets your call and data needs.

Thankfully, there are many options available, both Telecoms and MVNOs. One of the main factors to check out for when deciding on a carrier is to confirm that the carrier has coverage and a strong signal in your location.

Also, check their plans to ensure that they are affordable and within your budget. In addition, check out for additional benefits the network offers their new and existing customers.

b. Eligibility For Transfer

Before you start the transfer process, it is advisable to confirm that you can transfer your number to the new carrier. Your number may be ineligible for transfer to the network.

For instance, if the carrier doesn’t have an interconnection agreement with Boost Mobile, you can’t transfer the number to the network. So, contact the new carrier’s customer support team or porting department to confirm your number is eligible to be transferred to the network.

c. Number and Service Remains Active

Before and during the port out process, you have to make sure that your Boost Mobile service plan remains active. The same applies to the number you want to transfer. The number has to be active and not assigned to any other customer.

If your account has been suspended or past the bill due date, you may consider opting for a $3 daily plan to keep your account active for the duration of the number transfer process.

Details You Need To Complete Boost Mobile Port Out Process

Once these factors are in place, the next step is to get the details you need for the port out process. These are the details you submit to the new carrier to process the number transfer to their network. The details are as follows:

a. Boost Mobile Account Number

Boost Mobile, just like any other carrier, assigns an account number to all customers. For most carriers, you can find the account number on the account page online or on your monthly bill.

This isn’t the same with Boost Mobile, because you can’t find the Boost Mobile account number online.

To find the Boost Mobile account number, you have to contact the Customer Support team. Contact the Customer Support team via chat here, Click on ‘Start a Conversation’, type ‘Account Number’ in the message and wait for a support person to join the chat. Another option is to call 1-800-683-7392.

b. Boost Mobile Transfer PIN

This is the other detail you need to complete your port out process. Check out this post on how to get your Boost Mobile Transfer PIN.

How To Complete The Boost Mobile Port Out Process

Once you have the details above, contact the new carrier’s porting department. Some networks don’t have a porting department, in that case, contact the Customer Support team.

Submit the Account Number, Transfer PIN, the number you want to port, and personal details. If the carrier has not done so before now, it’s now that they will check your number if it’s eligible for a transfer.

Once the carrier confirms that your number is eligible for a transfer, the porting department will contact Boost Mobile to release your number. Boost Mobile will go through the details the carrier submitted to make sure they are accurate. After that, they will approve the release of your number to the new network.

The new carrier will undertake the remaining process of porting your number into their network. Most times, after the process, the new carrier will contact Boost Mobile to cancel your account.

How Long Will It Take To Port Number From Boost Mobile?

The port out the process from Boost Mobile to any other network takes 2 to 48 hours to complete. It may take up to 7 days if you are porting a landline.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From Boost Mobile?

It’s free to port out your number from Boost Mobile to any other carrier. You only get to pay any outstanding bill you have accrued in your account before you commenced the port out process.


So far, all the details you need to complete a number transfer from Boost Mobile to another carrier have been outlined in this post. That includes how to find the Boost Mobile Account Number and PIN or Passcode needed to complete the transfer process. 

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