OnStar Wi-Fi Not Working? 7 Sure Tips To Fix The Issue

Last Updated on November 21, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

OnStar provides wireless internet on vehicles. Subscribers can connect their devices to the OnStar vehicle hotspot. This makes it easy for you to connect your devices and access the internet while on the go.

How OnStar works is, that you have to subscribe to any of their data plans. After that, you activate the hotspot in your vehicle and connect your device to the wireless network.

If your OnStar Wi-Fi is not working, no need to panic just yet. In this post, you will learn why your OnStar Wi-Fi is not working in your car. Also, you will find tips to fix the issue and get your car’s wireless internet working in no time.

But in a nutshell, if your OnStar Wi-Fi is not working, it could be that you are outside the network’s coverage range.

Why Is My OnStar Wi-Fi Not Working?

Below are some of the possible reasons why your OnStar Wi-Fi stopped working.

a. Outside Coverage

The number one reason your OnStar Wi-Fi is not working could be because your location is outside the network’s coverage. Your vehicle needs to be within the coverage area to connect with the network.

Also, you may be within the coverage area but your particular location can be obstructing network signals. For instance, if your vehicle is parked in an underground site or an area with many high buildings.

b. Device Outside Range

Another reason could be that you are outside range of your vehicle’s wireless network. The OnStar wireless network range is 50 feet from the vehicles. You can’t connect to the network if you take your device to a distance outside the 50 feet range.

c. Vehicle Ignition Off

Your vehicle’s ignition needs to be on for your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot to work. Turning off your Vehicle’s ignition will mean turning off the wireless network too.

d. Exceeded Device Limit

There is a limit to the number of devices you can connect to your OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot. You can only connect seven devices to the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot at a time.

If you have connected seven devices to the network, any other device you try to connect to the network won’t work.

e. Out Of Data

Another reason could be that you have run out of data bandwidth. Unless you subscribe to the unlimited hotspot plan, there is a data bandwidth limit to your plan. Once you run out of your allocated data bandwidth, the hotspot will stop working.

Tip To Fix OnStar Wi-Fi Not Working

a. Restart Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

The first step is to restart your Wi-Fi hotspot. The process is known as the power cycle process. And it will help fix any small glitch affecting the Wi-Fi hotspot interface.

Turn off your Vehicle’s ignition. Wait for a minute or two, turn the ignition to run or accessory, and wait for the Wi-Fi hotspot to turn on.

b. Check For Coverage

The next step is to confirm that you are within the OnStar network coverage area. You check this on the OnStar location coverage map.

Enter your Zip Code in the small search box and click on Submit. You will see the confirmation if your location is within the coverage areas.

If your location is outside the coverage area, there’s little you can do other than wait till you get back to a location with the network coverage.

c. Change Vehicle Location

As we mentioned earlier, even when you are within the OnStar coverage location, your particular location can block network signals. For instance, if your location is an underground location or an area with many tall buildings.

If you are in such a location, drive to a nearby location and try connecting again to your vehicle’s wireless internet.

d. Turn On Vehicle’s Ignition

Make sure your Vehicle’s ignition is not off when you want to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead, put the ignition on the Accessory or Run position.

When your vehicle’s Ignition is in an accessory or ACC position, you can use all the accessories in the vehicle while the car engine is off. That includes the Wi-Fi hotspot, radio, windshield wipers, and all electrical equipment in the vehicle.

e. Disconnect Some Devices

If you’ve connected up to seven devices already to your OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to disconnect a device if you want to connect an additional device.

This is because the number of devices that can connect to the network at a time is just seven devices.

f. Check Data Balance

Finally, check your data balance to know if you still have data remaining. If you are subscribed to their unlimited plan, this step isn’t for you.

To check your OnStar data balance, press and hold the OnStar button and ask the advisor. Another way to check your data balance is to log into your myCadillac, myGMC, myChevrolet, and myBuick Mobile App account.

g. Contact OnStar Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips and none have worked so far, the last resort is to contact OnStar customer support. Call OnStar customer support at 1.888.466.7827 or via their online chat.

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