Straight Talk Port Out: Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Transferring your number from Straight Talk to any other network is known as the port-out process. The Straight Talk port-out process is quite easy and straight to the point as long as you go about it the right way.

In a nutshell, the process requires you to get and submit your port-out details to a new carrier. The carrier will submit a request to Straight Talk to release your number. After that, the new carrier will complete the port-in process to its network.

This post will take you through the entire process of porting your number from Straight Talk to any other network.

Steps To Take Before You Start The Straight Talk Port Out Process

a. Unlock Device

If your device is locked to the Straight Talk network, you need to unlock it before using it on another network. You can’t use the device on another network if it’s locked to Straight Talk.

Straight Talk will unlock your device once the device meets the network’s unlock policy requirements.

b. Choose A New Carrier

Now you’ve decided to port your number from Straight Talk to a new network, the next step is to find a new carrier. I guess that you are leaving your current network because there are some needs that Straight Talk is no longer meeting.

There are many options to select from, both Telecoms and MVNOs. Before choosing a new carrier, make sure the carrier has coverage and a stable signal in your location.

Most carriers have a coverage map on their sites. Enter your current location and confirm there is coverage in your location.

c. Check Number Transfer Eligibility

After you select a carrier, the next thing to check is if your number is eligible for transfer to the network. Your number may not be eligible for a transfer to the network.

One possible reason for this could be that the carrier does not have an interconnection agreement with Straight Talk. Reach out to the customer support department of the new carrier, and request a transfer eligibility check for your number.

d. Keep Straight Talk Service and Number Active

Finally, make sure your service remains active for the duration of the transfer process. The same applies to your number. The number should be active and still yours. This is because you can’t transfer a number that has been assigned to another customer.

Information You Need To Complete Straight Talk Port Out Process

a. Straight Talk Transfer PIN

The Straight Talk transfer PIN is the 4-digit or 6-digit code you need to make major changes to your account. It adds an extra layer of security to your Straight Talk account.

This code is also needed when you want to port your number from Straight Talk to another network. Check out this post on how to find your Straight Talk transfer PIN.

b. Straight Talk Account Number

All Straight Talk accounts have an account number. The account number is a 15-digit code. You also need to submit the details to your new carrier to complete your number transfer process. Check this post on how to find your Straight Talk account number.

Note that some carriers will request the last four digits of your Straight Talk device’s IMEI number. So remember to have it handy.

Complete Guide For Straight Talk Port Out Process

After you’ve decided on a new carrier and gotten your Straight Talk number, it’s time to start the actual port-out process.

Contact the new carrier’s customer support team or porting department and request to port-in your number to their network. The customer support agent will request you submit your Straight Talk details. That is your account number, Transfer PIN, phone number, and other personal detail.

Next, the customer support agent will carry out a check to confirm your number is eligible for a transfer. After that, the agent will reach out to Straight Talk, submit your details, and place a request to release your number.

Straight Talk porting department will go through the application and approve the request if it means the port out requirement. The new carrier will continue the process of transferring your number to their network.

How Long Does Straight Talk Port Out Process Take?

As complicated as the process sounds, it doesn’t take long to complete the transfer process. It takes 2 hours to 48 hours to complete the Straight Talk port out process. 

You should have your number active in the new network within 48 hours as long as there is no issue with the port-out process.

What Happens After You Complete The Straight Talk Port Out Process

After the port-out process is complete, your number will be active in the new network. Also, the new network will contact Straight Talk to discontinue your service.

You may need to contact Straight Talk customer support to confirm your service has been canceled to avoid further billing.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Out Number From Straight Talk?

It is free to port out your number from Straight Talk to another network. The only fee you have to pay is any outstanding bill you have on your Straight Talk account before you commenced the port-out process. Straight Talk will send you a final bill to clear your outstanding bill even after you cancel your service. 

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