T-Mobile Port Out: Complete Guide

Last Updated on April 25, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Do you know that if you want to switch from T-Mobile to another carrier; you can take your current number to the new network? The process is known as the number port out process. It involves transferring your phone number from your current carrier to a new carrier.

In summary, it involves submitting your T-Mobile account details to the new carrier. The carrier will place a port out request on your behalf to T-Mobile to release your number.

Continue reading this post to understand the entire process of porting out or transferring your number from T-Mobile to a new carrier.

Before then, let’s discuss the steps you need to take before you start the port-out process to make the process seamless.

Get Ready To Port Number From T-Mobile

As mentioned earlier, these are some of the things you need to put in place to make the port out process seamless:

a. Confirm Number Transfer Eligibility

It is advisable to contact the new carrier to make a number transfer eligibility check before you start the port-out process. There are instances where your number may not be eligible to transfer to the said network. Several factors can cause this.

So, it is best to confirm that you can transfer your number to the network before starting the port-out process. Simply contact customer support or the porting department of the new carrier to run the check.

b. Unlock and Update the Device

This step is essential especially if you want to take your phone to the new network. You have to ensure that the device is not locked to the T-Mobile network. That means the device is unlocked.

If the device is locked to the T-Mobile network, check the T-Mobile unlock policy here to see if your device meets the unlock requirements. The network will unlock your device for free once your device meets the unlock requirement. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee to unlock the device.  

In addition to unlocking the device, you have to update the firmware on the device. The firmware powers all functionality in your device. To update the firmware of your phone, first, connect the phone to a wireless network. Then, go to Settings>About Phone> Check Now For Update>Install Now> Restart Phone.

c. Keep T-Mobile Account Active

Before, during, and after the port out process, ensure that your T-Mobile account is active. You can’t port out your number from T-Mobile if your account isn’t active. If the account is no longer active, pay the reactivation fee to reactivate your account before you continue the process.

Also, any number you want to port must be assigned to you. You can’t port a number that is not active or assigned to another customer.

Details You Need To Port Number From T-Mobile

As mentioned earlier, there are some details you need to submit to the new carrier to port your number from T-Mobile. Below is a breakdown of the details you need:

a. T-Mobile Account Number

T-Mobile assigns an account number to all customers on the network. It’s worth mentioning that the account number is different from your T-Mobile phone number. Check this post on how to find your account number.

b. T-Mobile Transfer PIN

This is the second detail you need to transfer your number to another carrier. The transfer Pin is different from the account security PIN. Check this code on how to find your transfer PIN in minutes.

How To Port Number From T-Mobile To Another Carrier

The process of porting out numbers from T-Mobile to another carrier will depend on the new carrier’s port-in process. Here is a breakdown of the port-in process most carriers adopt:

. Port-in In Store

This is the easiest method to port in a number to a network. Simply get your T-Mobil account details and your device (if you want to use your current phone in the new network.)

Walk into any of the new carrier’s stores in your location and request to port your number to the network. The store attendant will collect your details; contact T-Mobile on your behalf to port out your number. After that, the number will be activated in the network.

You will receive a new physical SIM card or eSIM and your number will be active on the network.

. Activate Carrier’s SIM Card

If you can’t visit the carrier’s store in your location, you can handle the process yourself. Buy a new SIM card pack from the carrier. When it gets to the option to get a new number, select the option to Transfer Existing Number.

Fill in your T-Mobile details from there. You will receive a notification via email or SMS when your number is active in the network.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Number From T-Mobile?

T-Mobile won’t charge you to port out your number from the network as long as you don’t have an active contract with the network. The only money you have to pay is any outstanding bill you accrued in your T-Mobile account before you started the port-out process.

In addition to that, you will have to pay an activation fee to the new carrier. The amount depends solely on the carrier’s policy.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number From T-Mobile?

Thankfully, the number port out process doesn’t take time. You can have your number active in the new network in 30 minutes. As long as your details are correct and there are no issues with the process.

In rare instances, the process may be delayed for a couple of hours. This is for mobile numbers. For landlines, the process may take up to 7 days to complete.

What Happens After You Port Your Number From T-Mobile?

Once your number is active on the new network, T-Mobile will cancel your account and services. But it is advisable to contact the network after the port out process, to ensure they cancel your account.

Finally, you will receive a final bill from T-Mobile on your next billing cycle if you have an outstanding bill with the network.

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