Simple Mobile Compatible Phones In 2024

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Ron D. Morgan

The Simple Mobile network allows customers to bring their phones to the network. Any device you are bringing to the network has to meet the network requirements.

First, the device has to be compatible with the Simple Mobile network. In other words, some devices won’t work on the network.

For instance, a phone that supports only the CDMA network won’t work on the Simple Mobile network.

For this reason, it’s advisable to confirm that the device you want to use on the Simple Mobile network is compatible with the network.

This post will outline the list of phones that are compatible with the Simple Mobile network. Also, you will learn how to confirm if your device is compatible with the network or not.

List of Phones That Are Compatible On Simple Mobile Network

Huawei: P40 series

IPhone: 11 series/ 12 series/ 13 series/ 14 series/ SE series/ XS series/ 6 series/ 7 series/ 8 series.

IPad: Pro Series/ Air Series/ Mini Series from 2019/ 2020.

Motorola: Razr 2019/ Razr 5G/ E series/ G series.

Nexus: 4/ 5 series/ / 7/ 9/ 10 series

Oppo: Find X3 Pro/ Find X5 series/ Reno 5A.

Pixel: Pixel 3 series/ Pixel 4 series/ Pixel 5 series/ Pixel 5 series/ Pixel 6 series/ Pixel 7 series.

Samsung: Galaxy Note 20 series/ S20 series/ S21 series/ S22 series/ S23 series/ Galaxy Z series.

Sony: Xperia x10 III/ Xperia 10 IV/ Xperia 1 IV/ Xperia 5 IV.

Xiaomi: All Xiaomi phone brands from the last 5 years.

Other Brands: Surface Pro X/ Rakuten/ Sharp Aquos/ DOOGEE/ Fairphone 4/ Honor Magic 4 pro/ Gemini PDA.

How To Confirm If A Phone Is Compatible On The Simple Mobile Network?

The list of devices above does not cover all the phones that are compatible with the Simple Mobile network. We will continue to update the list with time.

You have the option of carrying out a quick check online to confirm if the Simple Mobile network supports your device or not. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Open the Compatibility Check Tool.

. Scroll down to the Check Compatibility option.

. Select the Device Carrier and Device Mobile.

Click on Check Compatibility to complete the process.

The result will confirm if your phone is compatible with the Simple Mobile network or not.

Other Criteria To Bring A Device To The Simple Mobile Network?

Besides the compatibility check, there are other criteria a phone has to meet to work on the Simple Mobile network. For instance, the device must be unlocked.

You can’t use a device locked to another network on the Simple Mobile network. If your device is locked to another network, contact the Carrier and request to unlock the device.

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