Fido Trade-In: Guide To Trade-In Device On Fido

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

As a Fido customer, do you know that you can swap your current device for extra money in the form of a credit to your account? You can use the credit as a down payment for a new device or to pay down your monthly bills.

You do this by taking advantage of the Fido trade-in program. All you have to do is to prepare your device and complete an online valuation to get an estimated trade-in value. Package and ship the device to Fido and get the trade-in value as credit in your account.

Continue reading this post to understand the necessary steps to take to trade in your phone on Fido. Also, you will learn how to get your device ready for the trade-in.

How Does Fido Trade In Work?

Fido partners with Likewize to handle its trade-in program. The trade-in program allows you to trade in your current device on the platform. After evaluation, the network will send the trade-in value of your device as a credit to your Fido account.

As mentioned, to start the process, you have to complete the online evaluation. The evaluation lets you know the initial trade-in value of your device based on your answers.

Fido Device Trade-in Requirements

There are some requirements your device must meet to qualify for the trade-in program.

. The device must turn on and off.

. The touchscreen on the device works.

. No discoloration or liquid damage on the device.

. The screen and other glass covers on the device are not cracked.

. All personal information and tracking apps must be deleted and deactivated.

What Kind Of Device Can You Trade-in in On Fido?

To trade a device on Fido, it must be a make and model that is eligible for the trade-in program. The device here refers to just smartphones. Right now, you can’t trade in a tablet or smartwatch on Fido yet. Below is the list of brands accepted in the Fido trade-in program:

. Apple

. Samsung


. LG

. Motorola

. Alcatel

. Google

Here is a list of devices that qualifies for the Fido trade-in program.

How To Find The Trade-in Value Of Your Device On Fido?

To get the trade-in quote or value of your device, you have to complete a quick online evaluation on the Likewize platform.

After the evaluation, you will get an estimated trade-in value which is the amount the Company is willing to pay for your device. The Company will determine the final trade-in value of the device after you return the device.

Follow the steps below to complete the online evaluation:

. Visit the trade-in evaluation page.

. Select the device you want to trade in. If you don’t find your device on the list, use the search bar to find your device.

. Select the Device Capacity and Color that applies to your device.

. On the new page, select the other answers that apply to your device and submit. You will see the estimated trade-in value of your device.

How To Prepare Your Device For Trade-in On Fido?

After you get an estimated trade-in value of the device, you need to prepare the device for returns. Fido expects you to prepare and delete all personal information on the device. Here are the steps to take to prepare your device for shipping:

a. Remove Device Accessories

Remove all accessories on your device. That includes the memory card, SIM card, charges, and other accessories.

b. Back-up Data

The first step is to back up all important data on your device. The data includes contacts, audio/ video, image, and doc files. If you have a cloud account, upload the files to your account. If not, copy the data to an external drive or memory card.

c. Clear Personal Information

Also, go through your device and delete all accounts and personal information saved on the device. Uninstall and delete all personal apps on the device. That includes device tracking apps.

d. Factory Reset

The final step is to perform a factory reset to delete any remaining data on the device. The steps to factory reset your device will depend on the make and model of your device. See this guide on how to factory reset Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.

How To Trade-in Device On Fido

If you device to continue with the trade-in process after getting the estimated trade-in value, follow the steps below to complete the trade-in process:

. Visit the Fido Account Page.

. Enter your Account Details to sign into your account.

. On the Devices Tab and click on the device you want to trade in.

. Complete the online questionnaire on the answers that apply to your device.

. You will receive an email on how to package and ship back your device. You will receive the shipping information too.

. Package and ship the device back to the shipping address.

How To Receive Payments For Trade-in On Fido

After you return your device, Fido will carry out another evaluation to determine the final trade-in value of your device. Fido will send you a bill credit. It may take two or three billing cycles to process this payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Do You Need To Return Your Device?

Fido expects you to return your device within 30 days after the date you complete the last online evaluation. Failure to do so can further reduce the trade-in value of your device.

What If Your Device Has No Value?

In the worst-case scenario where your device has no value, Fido will help you recycle the device. You will be helping the environment by doing so. So, it’s a win for you too.

Number Of Devices You Can Trade-in?

You can trade in one device at a time at Fido.