Visible No Service After Activation? Easy Tips To Fix

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One of the first things to do after purchasing a Visible Wireless SIM card is to activate the SIM. After activation, your phone or device should receive the Visible wireless network signals to enable you to enjoy the network services.

If your phone is showing no service after activating your Visible Wireless SIM kit, no need to panic just yet. This post will help you resolve the issue in no time.

In summary, if the Visible Wireless network is showing no service, it could be that your device is on airplane mode, network outage issue, or an issue with the SIM card.

Continue reading to know other reasons why your Visible Wireless phone is showing no service. The latter part of this post will explain ways to fix the network issue.

Why Is My Visible Wireless Showing No Service After Activation?

These are some of the possible reasons why you are having signal or network issues on your Visible Wireless network:

a. Airplane Mode Active

It may be that you activated the Airplane mode icon on your phone by mistake. When your phone is in airplane/ flight mode, it can’t connect to the Visible Wireless network.

This means that you can’t use your mobile data, nor can you make calls or send texts.

b. Phone Not Compatible

A compatibility issue is another reason why your phone isn’t connecting to the Visible Wireless network. Visible Wireless has basic criteria a phone must meet to be compatible with its network. If your phone doesn’t meet those requirements, the Visible Wireless SIM card won’t work on the phone.

Another issue could be that your phone is locked to another network. For your phone to work on Visible Network, it has to be unlocked.

c. Network Issue

The network issue can be that you are outside the Visible Wireless coverage area. Another reason may be that the network is experiencing a temporary network outage.

If you’ve always had a network signal before now and it suddenly disappears on your phone, it’s most likely a downtime issue.

It could be that Visible Wireless is carrying out scheduled maintenance. They always post notices of scheduled maintenance and downtime on their social media handles.

d. Issue With The SIM Card

It may be that the SIM card dislodged from the SIM tray the last time you dropped your phone. Or the SIM card is damaged or the SIM card wasn’t placed correctly. You can’t activate the SIM card if it is a placement issue.  

e. Glitch On The Phone

A glitch on your device can affect network connectivity. This can be caused by issues like having several apps running in the background. Also, not clearing the cache on your phone can cause this glitch too. A simple power cycle process will fix this issue.

f. Outdated Phone Software

If it’s a new phone, the software version on the phone may be outdated. New versions of phone software are released periodically with better functionality. You need to check for and update the software version on your device.

How To Fix The Visible Wireless No Service Issue

a. Wait A Bit

Some Visible Wireless users confirm that it took 15 to 30 minutes after the activation process for the Visible Wireless signal to show. If you just completed the activation process and there is no signal, you may need to wait a bit.

If after 30 minutes, there is still no network signal on your phone, you can now try any of the other tips below to fix the issue.

b. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Check if the airplane icon is on and toggle it off. Check the top menu bar, if there is an airplane or flight icon showing, it means your phone is in flight mode.

Press the airplane icon to open the airplane mode settings. Press the airplane icon again to remove it from airplane mode. The second method to turn off airplane mode is > Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Airplane Mode>Off.

c. Check Your Network Coverage

Although Visible Wireless has a fairly nationwide 4G and 5G network coverage. You have to still confirm there is network coverage in your location.

To check coverage in your location, check the Coverage Map. Enter your location in the search bar, and click on search. You will see details of coverage in your location.

d. Power Cycle Phone

The next step is to perform a power cycle process to fix any glitch on your phone. The power cycle process is easy. Turn off your phone, wait for 60 seconds and restart the phone. The process doesn’t affect any data saved on your phone.

e. Check SIM Card

If none of the tips has worked so far, it’s time to check the SIM card. Turn off your phone, open the SIM tray and remove the SIM card. Before removing the SIM card, check the SIM placement and ensure the SIM was placed correctly.

Remove the SIM card and check for discoloration and damage. Use a small clean cloth and wipe the SIM card and SIM tray. Carefully replace the SIM card in the tray. Check the video below on how to insert a SIM card.

f. Update Phone Software

The software referred to here is firmware. It is the software that handles most of the functionality on your phone. Here is how to update firmware on your phone.

 Connect your phone to Wireless Network> Tap on Settings>Scroll down to About Phone> Check For UpdatesClick on Install Now> Wait for the download and installation process to complete> Restart the phone.

g. Reset Network Settings

If you use an Apple phone, reset the network settings on your phone. Follow the steps here to complete the process. Go to Settings> General> ResetReset Networking Settings.

h. Factory Reset Phone

This should be your last resort. Note that performing a reset may clear some of the data saved on your phone unless you back up the data. But the factory reset will clear any major glitch affecting your phone functionality.

Reset Android Phone

For Old Android Model: Go to SettingsScroll down to Backup and reset> Select Factory data to reset> Reset Device> Erase Everything.

For New Android Model: Go to Settings> General & Backup and reset> Factory data reset>Reset device> Delete all.

Reset iPhone

Go to Settings> General> Transfer/ Reset iPhone> Erase All Content and Settings.

i. Contact Visible Wireless Customer Support

No signal still? It’s time to contact Visible Customer support for further support. Contact them on their support page here or any of their official social media handles.

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