US Cellular Payment Arrangements: Application Guide

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Every US Cellular monthly bill comes with a due date. The due date is the date you are expected to pay off the bill. Failure to pay your bill on or after the due date attracts a penalty. In most instances, the network will disconnect your service.

Thankfully, there is an option available for you, if, for any reason, you can’t meet up with paying your current bill before the due date.

This option is to apply for the US Cellular Payment Arrangements. It allows you to pay your bill past the bill’s due date. This way, you get to enjoy your service interruption.

Continue reading this post to understand how the US Cellular Payment Arrangements work. Also, you will learn how to apply for the option and if it’s worth it.

Understanding How US Cellular Payment Arrangement Works?

The payment arrangement option allows you to pay your bill even after the due date. It gives you the option to schedule a new due date for your current bill. This way, you continue to enjoy the network service even past the due date.

It comes in handy if, for any reason, you can’t meet up with paying your current bill on the due date. The good thing about this option is that you get to decide on a new date to make your payment.

US Cellular expects you to clear the bill on the new due date. Also, if your Auto Pay option is activated in your account, ensure you temporarily deactivate it after you apply payment arrangements.

Who Is Eligible For US Payment Arrangements?

Most US Cellular customers are eligible for the payment arrangements as long as the customer’s account is in good standing. Account being in good standing means that the account has a history of consistently paying bills before the due dates.

Step-To-Step Guide To Apply For US Cellular Payment Arrangement

Applying for payment arrangements on US Cellular is fairly easy. All you have to do is to contact the customer support department to apply for the arrangement. Below is a breakdown of the process:

. Contact US Cellular customer support at 888-939-3900. It is advisable you make the call on your US Cellular phone.

. You will hear a prompt to enter your PIN. Enter your account security 4-digit PIN.

. Opt for the ‘Something Else’ option from the menu.

. Follow the audio prompts to complete the Payment Arrangements application.

During the setup process, you will get the prompt to select a new payment date and the amount due. Always confirm that you can meet up with the payment on the date because you are not allowed to change the date once you select the new date.

Does US Cellular Charge For Payment Arrangements?

It depends on when you apply for the Payment arrangement. If you apply for the payment arrangement before your bill’s due date, US Cellular won’t charge your account for it.

On the other hand, if you applied for the Payment Arrangement after your bill’s due date, the network will charge your account the late payment fee. The late fee will reflect in your next month’s bill.

This is why it is advisable to ensure you apply for the payment arrangement before your current bill’s due date. Thankfully, you have enough time to do this since your bill’s due date is 20 days after the billing cycle date.

Can You Extend US Cellular Payment Arrangement Date?

No. Once you submit your application and it is approved, you can’t change the date or other details. That is why it is advisable to double-check the details you submit during the application process.

What Happens If You Miss Paying After Applying For Payment Arrangements?

Part of the agreement for approving the payment arrangement is that the customer gets to pay the outstanding bill on the new due date.

Failure to pay the said amount on the scheduled date will lead to US Cellular interrupting your service. In the worst-case scenario, the network will disconnect your service and that means paying a $25 reconnection fee.

Is US Cellular Payment Arrangements Worth It?

It all depends. But to help you decide if the arrangement is worth it for you, let’s check out the pros and cons of applying for the payment arrangement.

The advantage of applying for the Payment Arrangement with US Cellular is that your service will remain active even after the due date. Also, you won’t pay the late payment fee or the reconnection fee if your service gets disconnected.

The con is that, if you apply for it after the due date, the network will charge you a late payment fee. You can avoid this fee by applying for it before the bill’s due date.

In Summary

The payment arrangement comes in handy to help you continue to enjoy uninterrupted service even after your bill’s due date. This post has explained all you need to know about the payment arrangement, including how to apply and the best time to apply. 

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