US Cellular Trade-In: Ultimate Guide For US Cellular Customers

Last Updated on May 1, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Looking to update your current phone to a newer model as a US Cellular customer? There are several options available for you. One is to take advantage of the Trade-in program.

With the US Cellular Trade-in program, you can trade in your current device and get credit for a new device.

This is how the US Cellular Trade-in program works in summary. First, get an instant appraisal online. Secondly, you get your device ready to ship. Thirdly, you ship out the device. Finally, your US Cellular account will be credited.

This post will serve as a complete guide on how to trade in your current phone on the US Cellular network. Also, you will find answers to possible questions you may have as you commence the trade-in process.

How Does US Cellular Trade In Work?

As mentioned earlier, US Cellular has a trade-in program that allows you to return your current device for credit toward a new phone. After you return your device, the network will access the current value of the device and credit your account accordingly.

Also, if your device has a $0 value, the network will help you recycle the device, thereby saving our environment. Either way, you benefit from the trade-in program.

The good thing about the US Cellular trade-in program is that you don’t have to visit a store to start the process. You do everything online, after which you will receive a shipping kit to return your device.

Who Is Eligible For US Cellular Trade-in Program?

The US Cellular Trade-in program is only available for US Cellular customers. So, to enroll in the program, you need to be a customer with an active account and plan.

Customers from another network can enroll in the program, but you have to port your number to the US Cellular network to become eligible.

US Cellular Device Trade-in Requirements

There are some requirements your device has to meet to be eligible for the trade-in program. The general rule is that the device must be in good working condition to meet the trade-in requirement.

Any device that doesn’t meet this requirement may not be accepted for trade-in. The requirements include the following:

. The device battery must be functional. (US Cellular doesn’t accept a device with a swollen battery)

. The screen must be functional with no delay, dimming, or flickers. Also, the glass on the front and back of the device must be free of deep scratches, cracks, and chips.

. Also, the device must power on and off.

. No parts of the device must be missing.

. The device must have no physical damage. (That includes, discoloration, missing buttons, or liquid damage)

. All external locking features on the device must be disabled.

What Kind Of Device Can You Trade-in?

For the US Cellular trade-in program, you can only trade a smartphone. In other words, you can’t trade in a tablet, smartwatch, or any other type of smart gadget.

Preparing Your Device For Trade-in

There are some things you have to do to get your device ready for trade-in. These preparations are essential for a successful trade-in on the US Cellular network. Here is a breakdown of things you need to do to get your device ready for trade-in:

a. Back-Up Data

Make sure you back up all the data you need on your current device. That includes your apps, photos, files, contacts, audio, and video files. You can back up the data in an external drive or using a cloud service if you subscribed to one.

Also, remember to remove the memory card with the remaining data on your device.

b. Delete Account Information

Delete all account information saved on the device. That includes iCloud or any other account information with your details on the device. Also, remember to disable and delete all locking features or locating apps on the device. That includes the ‘Find My iPhone’ details or any similar app.

c. Factory Reset Device

Finally, perform a factory reset on the device to clear any remaining data stored on the device. How you perform the factory device will depend on your device.

Perform Factory Reset On Android Device

This method works for most Android phones, especially Samsung phones. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Tap the APPs icon and select SETTINGS.

. Scroll down to BACKUP and RESET and select FACTORY DATA RESET.


Perform Factory Reset On iPhone

Follow these steps to factory reset an iPhone:

. Tap on the SETTINGS icon.

. Scroll down to GENERAL and select TRANSFER OR RESET IPHONE.


How To Trade-in Device On US Cellular

Your device is ready for the trade-in program at this point. Let’s break down the entire steps involved in the process here:

a. Complete Online Appraisal

The first step is to complete the online appraisal. This gives an idea of the value of your current device. Also, it helps you know if your device is eligible for trade-in or not.

You need your device IMEI to complete the process. To get the IMEI number on most devices, dial *#06# on the device. Copy down the number on the screen.

With the IMEI number in place, follow the steps below to complete the online appraisal steps:

. Visit the US Cellular Online Appraisal page.

. There are three methods available on the page to appraise your device. Select any of the methods you want. But I prefer to select the ‘device I want to appraise’ method.

. Select the device you want to trade-in

. Click on PROCEED to open the appraisal page.

. Select the OPTIONS that apply to your device.



b. Ship Device To US Cellular

After the online appraisal, you will receive a prepaid shipping kit. The shipping kit contains details on how you should package your device for shipping.

Follow the instructions on the Prepaid shipping kit and ship out your phone as soon as possible to the shipping address on the kit. Make sure you ship the device within 30 days of doing the online appraisal.

c. Final Appraisal And Credit

After US Cellular receives your devices, it will carry out another appraisal to know the final value of your device. After that, you will receive credit, in turn, the trade-in value to your account.

What Is US Cellular Trade-in Value Of My Device?

The trade-in value of your device will depend on several factors. That includes the model of your device, the current state of your device, and the current market value of your device.

US Cellular will factor in all these before giving you a final trade-in value for your device. Use the online appraisal tool to get an estimated trade-in value of your device.

How To Track Your Trade-in At US Cellular?

According to the information on the US Cellular site, the network will apply the trade-in value of your device within two weeks of receiving your device. But before then, you can track the trade-in status after you submit your device.

To track your device, visit the trade-in status page on the US Cellular site. Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and INVOICE NUMBER in the box and click on SEARCH NOW. You will receive a status update.

How To Receive Payment For Trade-in At US Cellular?

Unfortunately, US Cellular doesn’t send cash payments when you trade in your device. Rather, you will receive credit in your account. You can use the credit to complete payment for a new device. Also, you can use the credit to pay your phone bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Trade In A Phone With a Cracked Screen?

Yes. You can trade in a phone with a cracked screen, but that will further affect the value of the phone.

Do You Need To Send Device Accessories?

No. You don’t need to send in the phone accessories for trade-in. That includes chargers, memory cards, and any other accessory that comes with the phone. You are required to send just the phone.

What Is The Deadline For Sending a Phone?

It is advisable to ship the phone within 30 days of completing the online appraisal for the device. Shipping the phone after 30 days can further affect the value of the device. 

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