Guide To Find Xfinity Mobile Transfer PIN and Account Number

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you want to switch to another carrier from Xfinity, you have to decide if you want to transfer your number to the new carrier. If you decide to port your number from Xfinity to another carrier, you have to initiate the porting or transfer process.

The two important details you need to provide your new carrier to facilitate the transfer process is the Xfinity Mobile Transfer PIN and account number.

To find your Xfinity Mobile transfer PIN, log into your online account and select the number linked to the device you want to port. Select ‘Transfer your Number’ from the menu. Another option is call Xfinity Customer support. 

That is the summary of the process. This post explains the process in details. 

Does Xfinity Mobile Have A Number Transfer PIN?

Yes. Xfinity Mobile has a number transfer PIN also known as the Xfinity Mobile Security PIN.

There has been an increase in scamming incidents where fraudsters place a request to transfer an unknown number from one carrier to another.

Xfinity mobile like other mobile carriers came up with the idea of providing account holders with transfer PIN or security PIN.

The Xfinity Mobile Number Transfer PIN is the code number you need to port your number from Xfinity to any other carrier. The security PIN was created to add an extra layer of security to your account and to prevent unauthorized transfer requests from your account by scammers.

Xfinity won’t oblige to any request for transfer that doesn’t provide the Xfinity Mobile Security PIN.

How To Get My Xfinity Transfer (Security) PIN?

To get your Xfinity transfer PIN, you need to access your Xfinity account. The details can be found on your profile page in your account. Follow the details below to generate your transfer code.

. Visit the Xfinity Mobile Account Page.

. Enter your Xfinity ID to sign into your account.

. Click on ‘Devices’ and select the Device With The Number You Want To Transfer.

. Down the device page, besides the Transfer your Number option, select Learn More.

. Request to receive your Security Number by text.

Another option is to contact Xfinity Mobile customer support at 1-888-936-4968. Request for your transfer PIN once you connect to a support person.

Xfinity Mobile Account Number

This is the second important detail you need to port your Xfinity Mobile number to a new network. There are several ways to find your account number. Lets explore the methods below:

Find Account Number On Monthly Bill

You can find your Xfinity Mobile account number on your monthly bill. Get a copy of your previous bill. Check the top of the bill for the account number. The number is above the bill due date.

Find Account Number Via Customer Support

Another option is to contact customer support to get the account number. Call 1-888-936-4968 and request for your account number. You will receive the number as a text after the call.

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Digits Is The Xfinity Transfer (Security) PIN?

The Xfinity transfer or security PIN appears as a 4-digit code. Note that the security PIN is different from the 8-digit PIN code that comes with the Xfinity router.

Is The Security PIN Same With The Purchase PIN?

No. The purchase PIN is different from the security PIN. You can only generate your Security PIN in your account.

How Long Does It Take To Port My Number Out Of Xfinity?

The number transfer process from Xfinity Mobile takes three to five days to complete. The delay is the time it takes to verify your details sent to Xfinity mobile by your new carrier.

Can I Transfer My Number From Xfinity Mobile Without a Security PIN?

No. Xfinity Mobile will not honor any request to transfer your number without the Security PIN. They do this to prevent scammers from placing unauthorized requests to transfer your number to another network.  

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