Dodo Payment Extension: Guide To Apply For Dodo Payment Extension

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Dodo has several payment options that make it easy for you to pay your monthly bill. But if for any reason, you can’t meet up with paying your current bill, Dodo has provisions for you.

The network has a financial hardship program to aid customers who can’t meet up with their bill payments. One of the options available in the financial hardship program is the payment extension.  

The Dodo payment extension option that allows you a grace period to pay your bill. This option has you covered if for any reason you can’t meet up with paying your bill before the due date.

Continue reading to understand how the Dodo payment extension works and how to apply for it.

Understanding Dodo’s Billing Cycle

Before going into the payment extension option, you need to understand how your billing cycle works on Dodo. Dodo has a 30-day billing cycle. This means that your account accrues a bill every 30 days as long as you continue to enjoy Dodo’s services.

Dodo’s billing period begins to start counting from the date you opted for a plan. This means that if you first subscribed for your plan on the 13th of February, your next bill will arrive on the 13th of March.

How Long Do You Have To Pay Your Dodo Bill?

Every bill from Dodo network comes with a bill due date. The bill date is the date you are expected to pay your current bill. You are expected to pay your bill on or before your bill’s due date.

To check your Dodo bill’s due date, log into your Dodo account. Click on Billing & Payment, and further select Billing overview. You will see your latest bill invoice. Check the latest bill invoice to see the due date for the bill.

How Does Dodo’s Payment Extension Work?

As mentioned earlier, Dodo has a financial hardship program to help customers with their bills. One of the options available is the bill payment extension option.

Dodo bill payment extension grants you a grace period to pay your current bill. Within the grace period, you will continue to enjoy all Dodo services without restrictions.

Your service will continue to run without issues if you pay your bill within the grace period.

How To Apply For Dodo Payment Extension

You apply for a payment extension in your Dodo account. Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

. Visit the Dodo Account page. Enter your ‘Username/Email’ and ‘Password’ to log into your account.

. Click on Billing & Payment on the top menu of your account page.

. Further, go to Billing Support and click on Payment Extension & Plan.

. Select Get Started and Continue to begin the process.

. Select the Service or product which you want to receive the payment extension for.

. Also, select Payment Extension and click on Next.

. You will see a calendar, click select the new date you intend to complete your payment.

. You can edit the service, payment option, and due date.

. Click on, Yes, and Proceed with Payment Extension to submit your request.

. Dodo will process your request and send you a confirmation via a pop-up onscreen message.

How Long Is The Dodo Payment Extension?

There is no fixed payment extension timeframe for all Dodo customers. Each customer receives a unique payment extension. It all depends on the number of days Dodo is willing to grant you as a grace period.

Can Anyone Apply For Dodo’s Payment Extension?

All Dodo’s customers can apply for the payment extension program or any of their financial hardship programs. Note that Dodo will not grant you a payment extension just because you are a customer.

You have to apply for it. Dodo will only grant you the payment extension option if you qualify for it. One criterion for qualifying for the payment extension is that you’ve been consistent in paying your bills before now.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Dodo Bill Before The Due Date?

If you fail to pay, Dodo will send you a reminder for your outstanding bill before the due date. This is the period you are to apply for a payment extension if you have to.

After that, the network will restrict or limit your service. When your account is restricted, you can’t make calls or send texts. But you can dial emergency numbers.

If you still don’t pay your bill, Dodo will suspend your service and account. When your service is suspended, you can’t make or receive calls, and neither will you send or receive texts. But you can still call emergency numbers.

Note that, you will have to pay a reconnection fee if you want to reactivate our account after it has been suspended.


This post has explained what you need to know about the Dodo payment extension. In summary, you can apply for a payment extension in your account. Dodo will process the request and send you a response instantly.

Now you know you have the option to continue enjoying your service even after your bill due date. But you have to apply for the extension before the due date.

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