Lively Phone No Service: Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Last Updated on July 8, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you can’t make calls on your Lively phone, one of the possible reasons for that may be a network issue. A ‘no service’ error. It means that the phone or device is not connecting to the Lively network.

When in this mode, you can’t make or receive calls. Neither can you send or receive texts or even use the mobile data for those using Lively Smartphone.

Several reasons can cause your Lively phone to show no service. One is that you are outside the Lively coverage area. Also, a minor glitch on the phone or device can cause this to happen too.

This post takes you through some tips to fix the Lively phone no service issue. For each tip, you will learn reasons for the error and possible steps you can take from preventing it from happening again.

No worries, the tips in this post are not technical. Anybody can apply them with no issues.

8 Tips To Fix Lively Phone No Service Issue

a. Complete Phone Activation

The first question is, have you completed the Lively phone activation process? If you are a new customer in the Lively network or you are transferring your number from another network, you need to activate your device on the network.

Without completing the activation process, you can’t use your phone or device on the Lively network and you will continue to get the ‘no service’ error. Check this post for the complete guide to activating your phone or device on the Lively network.

b. Restart Phone

Most times, all you need to fix a glitch on a phone is to restart the phone. The process is known as power cycling a phone. Turn off the phone, wait for 30 seconds, and restart the phone. This easy troubleshooting tip will fix any minor glitch and cache on your device that can affect network connectivity.

c. Toggle Off Airplane Mode

Also, have you checked to see if your phone is in airplane or flight mode? It may be that you toggled on the flight or airplane mode icon in error. When in airplane mode, your phone can’t connect to the Lively network.

To fix this, check the top menu on your phone and see if the airplane icon is visible. If it’s visible, it means that the device is in airplane mode.

Tap on the airplane icon to open the airplane mode setting. Toggle the OFF option to remove it from airplane mode. Wait for a few seconds for your phone to connect to the network.

d. Check For Network Coverage

Another thing to check for is the Lively network in your area. It could be possible that your current location is outside the Lively network’s coverage. This could be the case especially if you moved to a new location.

First, you have to check for Lively network coverage in your location. To do this, you need an internet connection. Open the Lively Coverage Map. Enter your location’s ZIP Code in the space given and click on Find. You will get a response if the location is within Lively coverage or not.

If the location is outside Lively’s network coverage area, there is little you can do other than wait till you get to a location within the coverage area.  

e. Check SIM Card Placement

Another possible reason for the network issue could be an error in SIM card placement. It could be that the SIM card is dislodged from the SIM tray. This can happen if the phone falls from a height.

To fix this, open the SIM card tray on your phone and check the placement. While at it, you can remove the SIM card and clean the side with the chip before replacing the SIM card.

While replacing the SIM card, ensure the SIM card is in sync with the SIM tray placement.

f. Factory Reset Phone

If the ‘no service’ error is caused by a major glitch on your phone, performing a factory reset is what you need to fix the issue. These days, you can perform a default reset without losing the essential data on your device.

To get your phone to the default setting, open the Main Menu option and press Settings icon and scroll down and select System and press OK to start the factory reset. After that, restart your phone if it doesn’t restart automatically after the factory reset.

g. Contact Lively Tech Support

Finally, if none of the options have worked so far, the last resort is to contact the Lively tech support team. The tech support team will guide you on additional steps you can take to fix the issue.

To contact the Lively tech support at 800-733-6632. Explain the issue with your device to the support person in detail and wait for additional help to fix the issue.


So far, this post has outlined easy tips you can apply to fix the Lively phone no-service issue. If you have other issues with your phone besides the no service or network issue, check this other phone on other troubleshooting tips for Lively phone and device

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