TextNow SIM Card Activation: Complete Guide!!!

Last Updated on May 17, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

The first thing to do after you purchase or receive your TextNow SIM Card kit is to activate your SIM. The activation process gives you access to all the cool features that TextNow offers its subscribers.

In summary, to activate your TextNow SIM Card you need to connect your device to a wireless network, download the TextNow app, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation process.

This post explains the activation process in detail. Note that this process works too if you are activating your SIM card in your phone using the TextNow BYOP option.

Before Your Activate TextNow SIM Card

There are some things you need to check before you complete the activation process. These help to make the activation process seamless. Below are some of the things to confirm before you start the activation process.

a. Check Phone Compatibility

If you are activating the TextNow SIM Card in your phone via the BYOP program, you have to make sure your phone is compatible. Some phones are not compatible with the TextNow network.

Your activation process won’t go through if your device is not compatible. To check if your phone is compatible, use the Compatibility checker.

Also, make sure your phone is not locked to any carrier. You can’t activate TextNow on any phone locked to another network.

b. Confirm Coverage In Location

Secondly, you need to confirm TextNow coverage in your location. TextNow has coverage in most states. Check the coverage in your location here. Enter your Zip Code, City, and State in the search box to confirm coverage in your location.

How To Activate TextNow SIM

After you have confirmed the above details, it is time to activate your TextNow SIM card. Follow the steps below to complete the activation process.

. Insert the TextNow SIM card into your phone.

. Turn on the Wi-Fi option and connect your phone to a wireless network.

. Go to the IOS or Android App store and find the TextNow App.

. Download and install the TextNow App on your phone.

. Launch the TextNow app, and create an account. If you have an existing account, enter your Username and Password to log into your account.

. Tap Choose a Plan and Select a Plan.

. Enter your Credit Card Detail and press Confirm.

. You will see two codes on your screen. The MSL CODE and a Dialer Code. Write down the Dialer code on paper and keep it handy.

. Close the TextNow app, open your phone dialer, and enter the Dialer Code. Press Yes to continue.

. Wait for your device to restart. You will receive a notification when the activation process is complete.

. Viola!!! You have activated your TextNow SIM card.

How To Setup TextNow APN Settings

The APN Settings allows you to connect to the internet using the Textnow internet gateway.

After you activate your TextNow SIM card, your APN settings are supposed to be set up automatically. There are instances where the auto setup option doesn’t work out. You have to manually input the APN settings.

APN Settings For IOS

. Tap on the Settings icon on your phone.

. Select Cellular> Cellular Data Network.

. In the option for APN, key in “textnow.static”. You have to type this out and not just paste it.

. For the LTE Setup option, select Optional and type “textnow.static”.

. Restart your phone. If you don’t want to restart your phone, turn on the Airplane Mode icon, wait for 30 seconds and remove it from airplane mode.

APN Settings For Android

. Tap on the Settings icon on your phone.

. Select Networks & Internet> Mobile Network.

Tap on Access Point Names and select Advanced and Click on Add.

. In the Name field, type in “TextNow”.

. Type in “textnow.static” in the APN field and save.

. Restart your phone. If you don’t want to restart your phone, turn on the Airplane Mode icon, wait for 30 seconds and remove it from airplane mode.

What Type Of SIM Card Does TextNow Have?

TextNow made provision for three SIM card types. The standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card sizes are included in your SIM card kit. You have the option to select which size suits your device.


This post has explained the complete process to activate a TextNow SIM card in an iPhone or Android phone. If you have completed the process and still have issues with activation, check this post on how to resolve TextNow activation problems

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