Visible Change Phone Number: Easy Guide

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

There are two options available if you want to change to a new Visible wireless phone number. You can either opt to change the number on your current SIM card or order a new SIM card.

It’s advisable to go for the first option because the process is seamless and you can complete the process in less than one hour.

In summary, to change your Visible phone number, contact the Visible customer support department. Request to change your current number. Verify your account and have your new number in no time.

This post will guide you through the entire steps to change your current number in the Visible network. Before that, you will learn some things to do before you start the process and after you get your new number.

Things To Do Before Changing Your Visible Phone Number

These are the things to do before you start the number change process. It will help make the entire process seamless. They include:

a. Have An Active Visible Account

The number change option is only available to customers in the Visible network. So, you need to have an account in the network to request a number change.

If Visible suspended your account for any reason, contact support to activate the account first before you can request to change your number.

b. Phone Number Assigned To You

Any number you are requesting to change must be a number assigned to you. This can be the number you got when you purchased your new Visible SIM card or the number you transferred from another network.

The most important thing is that the change of number request must be for a phone number you own. You can request to change another customer’s number.

c. Save Voicemail Messages

Your voicemail messages will disappear after you change your number. It is best to go through your current voicemail messages and save important messages before you start the process.

How To Change Visible Phone Number

To change your phone number on Visible, you have to contact customer support to complete the process. Unfortunately, Visible customer support does not have a phone number or physical store.

But there are several ways to contact the Visible customer support department. Check below for the ways to contact Visible customer support.  

Contact Visible Support Via Chat

To contact customer support via chat, visit the Help Center on the Visible site. Click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the page. Enter your Name and Email, and click on Continue.

The next page will show a ‘How Can we help you’ prompt. Start a conversation and ask to change your number.

Contact Visible Support Via Social Media Handles

Another option is to contact support on any of their official social media handles. The official handle on Twitter is @visiblecare, while the handle on Facebook is @VisibleMobile.

Contact Visible Support Via Visible App

Finally, contact support via the mobile app. Launch your Visible Mobile app. Tap on the chat icon on the top right site. Enter your Name and Email and tap on Continue.

The next page will show a ‘How Can we help you’ prompt. Start a conversation and ask to change your number.

How Long Does It Take To Change Phone Number On a Visible Network?

The number change process takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete on the Visible network. After you complete the process and verify your account, you will get the confirmation via Email and SMS to the effect. The network will activate the new number immediately.

How Much Does It Cost To Change the Number On Visible?

The number change process is free if this is your first time changing your number. For subsequent requests, you may have to pay a small fee to complete the process.

What To Do After Changing Visible Number

When you receive the confirmation message for your new number, restart your phone to get your new number working. Also, try making calls on the new line to see if it works.

After that, send the number to anybody you want to contact because the number will no longer be active. Finally, set up a new voicemail message because the old message will be deleted with the old number.