Get AirTalk Wireless Account Number and PIN: Easy Guide

Last Updated on July 10, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

The AirTalk Wireless account number and PIN are the two details most mobile providers will request from you to port your number from AirTalk Wireless to their network.

Unfortunately, you won’t find these details online or on the AirTalk Wireless site. It’s understandable because the network doesn’t want to lose you as a customer. This post is here to help you.

In summary, to get your AirTalk Wireless account number, contact AirTalk Wireless support either via their number, call, or online chat. The fastest option for a response is by calling the support number at 855-924-7825.

This post will explain other options to get your account number and the transfer PIN to complete the number transfer process.

AirTalk Wireless Account Number

As an AirTalk Wireless customer, the network assigned an account number to you when you first created your account. The network will request this account number whenever you want to make a major change to your account.

Also, if you plan to transfer your phone number from AirTalk Wireless to another carrier, you will need to submit the account number too. So in essence, the account number is an important detail linked to your account.

Unlike what I’ve read online, NO, your AirTalk Wireless account number is not the same as your phone number.  

How to Find an AirTalk Wireless Account Number?

As mentioned, you have to contact customer support to get your account number. There are three ways: Via live chat, phone number, and email.

Get AirTalk Wireless Account Number Via Live Chat

Visit the AirTalk Wireless online chat page. Enter your Name/ Mobile Number/ Email/ Company (select AirTalk Wireless), and click on Start the Chat.

You will be connected to a live support person in minutes. Request your account number from the customer support person.

Get AirTalk Wireless Account Number Via Phone Call

Call 855-924-7825  preferably from your AirTalk Wireless phone number. Request your account number once you are connected with a support person. It may take some minutes to get through to a support person.

The best times to call AirTalk support are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday CST or 10 am – 7 pm on Saturday.

Get AirTalk Wireless Account Number Via Email

Send an email to [email protected]. In the email, include your phone number, email, and full name in the account. The body of the email should also contact a brief request for your account number.

AirTalk Wireless Transfer PIN

AirTalk Wireless, like most mobile providers, does require a transfer PIN to approve a port-out request. The transfer PIN is the 4-digit PIN you submit to the new carrier to process your number transfer process.

You find the transfer PIN the same way you find the account number. It’s best to place a joint request for your account number and transfer your PIN at the same time.

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