MetroPCS Change Plan: Quick Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If your current Metro by T-Mobile (MetroPCS) plan is getting expensive or you need more data bandwidth, you have the option to change your plan. You can either upgrade or downgrade your plan.  

To change your MetroPCS plan, you can do so via the Metro by T-Mobile app. An alternative option is to contact customer support to handle the process for you.

This post breaks down the steps to change your MetroPCS plan. Also, you will learn other details like what happens when you change your plan and the best time to apply the changes to your account.

Steps To Change Metro by T-Mobile Plan Online

Follow the steps below to change your current plan online:

. Tap to launch the MyMetro app on your device. This app comes preinstalled on all Metro by T-Mobile phones. If you brought your phone to the network, visit the app store and download the app.  

. Scroll down the options and tap on Plan Details.

. Tap on the Change Plan to continue.

. Input your Metro by T-Mobile PIN and tap on Submit.

. The next page is the plan options available.

. Check the box next to the new New Plan.

. Tap on Switch to This Plan.

. The new page brings the options on when you want to switch to the new plan. Tap on either Immediately or Next Due Date.

. Review the changes and tap on Submit to complete the process.

The above guide is as easy as it appears. If you still think you can’t handle the steps, you can contact MetroPCS customer support at 1-888-863-8768 to complete the steps for you.

OR, you can visit any MetroPCS store near you to complete the process.

Ensure you call support via your MetroPCS phone. Also, have your MetroPCS account number handy because you may need to verify your account first.

How To Confirm New MetroPCS Plan?

If you opted for the new plan to apply immediately, you can confirm if it’s been applied via your mobile app. Follow the steps below to confirm your new plan:

. Tap to launch the MyMetro app on your device.

. Scroll down the options and tap on Plan Details.

. The next page will display details of your new plan like the new plan, the new amount due, and the total data bandwidth you’ve used so far.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your MetroPCS Plan?

It is free to upgrade or downgrade your plan on Metro by T-Mobile online. You only get to pay an extra fee when you upgrade your plan.

What Happens After You Change Your MetroPCS Plan?

As mentioned, after you change your plan, you have the option to apply the plan immediately or at a later date.

If you opt to effect the change immediately, you will notice some changes to your account.

For instance, if you upgrade your plan, the additional data bandwidth will be added to your data balance immediately.

Likewise, if you downgrade your plan, the data difference will be deducted from your available data balance.

Also, the new bill will either reflect on your account now or on the next bill.

When Is The Best Time To Change Your MetroPCS Plan?

You can change your Boost Mobile plan at any time of your choice. But you can select when you want the plan to reflect in your account.

If you are upgrading the plan, it is best to select for it to reflect in the next bill due date. 

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