Pure Talk ESIM: Ultimate Activation Guide

Last Updated on June 12, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Pure Talk is one of the carriers that support eSIM technology. New and existing customers on the network can use the eSIM. The catch is that the device must be eSIM compatible.

To activate eSIM on the Pure Talk network, first, you have to purchase and activate the eSIM online. After that, you install the eSIM on your device. The process is not as complicated as it sounds.

This post will guide you through the entire Pure Talk eSIM activation process. You will learn how to request the eSIM online and finally, the steps to activate it on your device.

Pure Talk eSIM Compatible Device

Right now, Pure Talk supports eSIM on a limited number of devices. The network online supports eSIM on some iPhones. Below is a list of devices that are eSIM supported on the Pure Talk network:

. iPhone XR (series)

. iPhone XS (series)

. iPhone 11 (series)

. iPhone 12 (series)

. iPhone 13 (series)

. iPhone 14 (series)

Prepare Your Device For eSIM Activation On Pure Talk

There are some things you need to put in place before you start the activation process. These steps will prevent errors or glitches during the activation process. Here are things to do to get your device ready for activation:

a. Wireless Internet

Some parts of the activation and installation process are completed online. So, you need an internet connection for the process. It is best to connect your device to high-speed wireless internet before you start the activation process. Note that you can’t use your mobile data for the process.

b. Update iPhone Firmware

Apple does release new firmware versions for iPhones regularly. You have to check the firmware version on your device to ensure it’s up to date. If not, download and install a new version of firmware on the device. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

Update Firmware On iPhone

. Connect the device to a wireless network.

. Go to Settings and scroll down to General.

Tap on Software Update and select Download and Install.

. Enter your Passcode and select Install Now to start the installation process.

. Your device will automatically restart after the process. If it doesn’t, restart the device manually.

Pure Talk eSIM Activation Step To Step Guide

The activation process involves two aspects. First, you have to activate the eSIM online, and then install the eSIM on your device.

Activate eSIM Online On Pure Talk Network

It’s best to complete the activation process on your Personal Computer.

. Visit the Pure Talk eSIM activation page.

. Click on ‘Choose Selection’, select your device model, and click on Select.

Enter your IMEI or EID in the space provided and click on Continue. To find your device IMEI/ EID go to Setting> General> About> IMEI/ MEID.

On the new page, click on Go To eSIM Page.

. On the new page is where you purchase the eSIM. The eSIM itself is free. Simply uncheck the Protection Plan option or other add-on s and click on Add eSIM To Cart.

. Select a plan and click on Add to Cart beside the plan.

Click on Proceed to Checkout.

. Enter your Detail, Shipping detail, and Billing Address, and click on Next.

. Enter your Credit Card details to check out.

. Click on Activate to complete the purchase.

. On the new activation page, click on Ready To Activate.

Enter your device’s EID.

. Select if you NO if you are not transferring a number from another network.

. Click on Activate Now to complete the activation process.

Install eSIM On Pure Talk Network

Now you’ve activated the eSIM online, it’s time to install the eSIM on your device. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Tap on the Setting Icon on your device.

. Scroll down and tap on Pure Talk Cellular Plan Ready To Be Installed.

. Tap on Continue.

. Voila… Your eSIM is installed and ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Pure Talk eSIM Cost?

 eSIM on the Pure Talk network is free. The network will charge you $0 to get the eSIM. But you have to subscribe to a plan to complete the activation process. 

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