Tracfone ESIM Activation: Step-To-Step Guide

Last Updated on October 27, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

The Tracfone eSIM activation process is not as complicated as most people think. You only need to follow the led-out procedure to complete the activation process.

To activate eSIM on the Tracfone network, you have to first activate the eSIM online. After that, you install the eSIM on your device.

Continue reading this post to find out how to activate and install the eSIM on your device. You will also learn other details like device compatibility.

Tracfone eSIM Compatible Devices

As of the last time this post was edited, the Tracfone eSIM is compatible with iPhones. Below is a list of devices on that you can install eSIM on the Tracfone network:

. iPhone SE (series)

. iPhone 11 (series)

. iPhone 12 (series)

. iPhone 13 (series)

. iPhone 14 (series)

Prepare Your Device For eSIM Activation

There are things you need to make the eSIM activation process seamless.

a. Update Software

The phone software powers major functionality on the device. So, you have to ensure that you download and install the latest version of the software.

Update Firmware On iPhone

. Connect the device to a wireless network.

. Go to Settings and scroll down to General.

Tap on Software Update and select Download and Install.

. Enter your Passcode and select Install Now to start the installation process.

. Your device will automatically restart after the process. If it doesn’t, restart the device manually.

b. Connect To Wireless Network

You need an internet connection to complete both the activation and installation process. Unfortunately, you can’t use the mobile data on your device until you complete the activation process. So you need to connect your device to a wireless network.

How To Activate Tracfone eSIM Online

As mentioned, the process of installing eSIM on Tracfone requires two procedures. First, you activate the eSIM online, and then you install the eSIM on your device. Let’s go through both procedures in detail.

To activate eSIM online, first, you have to get your iPhone to find the IMEI2 or Digital SIM IMEI, follow the steps below:

. Tap on the Settings Icon, and scroll down to General.

. Select About from the options.

. Scroll down to Available SIM, you will see the IMEI2 details.

With these details in place, continue with the steps below to complete the activation process:

. Visit the Tracfone eSIM Activation Page.

. Follow the onscreen instructions.

. Enter the IMEI2 or Digital SIM IMEI you got earlier.

. Complete and submit your application.

How To Install Tracfone eSIM On iPhone

Install eSIM On Active Line On Tracfone

This process guides you through how to install eSIM if you already have an active line.

. You will receive an eSIM activation link as a notification on your device after you activate the line online.

. Tap on the ‘Finish Cellular Setup’ notification on your device. If the notification doesn’t pop up, swipe up the lock screen to open the Notification Center.

. Select ‘Set Up eSIM’ to start the installation process.

. Tap ‘Done’.

. The Settings option will display, if not, tap on the Settings Icon to go to settings.

. Scroll down to ‘Cellular’ to see your new TFW Cellular plan.

Install New eSIM Line On Tracfone

This option is for installing eSIM on a new line or account on the Tracfone network.

. Tap on the ‘Finish Cellular Setup’ notification on your device. If the notification doesn’t pop up, swipe up the lock screen to open the Notification Center.

. Select ‘Set Up eSIM’ to start the installation process.

. Tap on ‘Add Cellular Plan’ and select Continue.

. The new page will display ‘LABEL FOR YOUR NEW TFW PLAN’.

To customize this option, tap on CUSTOM LABEL, if not, tap on CONTINUE.

. If you have several lines active on the account, tap on the line you want to use as the Default Line. If there’s just one line, click on Continue.

. The new page will display iMessage & FaceTime settings.

. Select the Cellular Plan to enable these. Tap on Continue.

If you have multiple lines active, select the line you will use for your Cellular Data. Click on Continue if you have just one active line.

. Tap Done to finish the setup

How To Deactivate Unused eSIM On Tracfone

If you have an existing eSIM line on your device, you have to deactivate and uninstall eSIM to install a new eSIM on the device. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Open the Settings Icon and scroll down to Cellular.

In the eSIM section, you will see the list of eSIMs available.

. Select the eSIM line you want to turn off.

. Tap on the option Turn On This Line to turn off the line.

. Go back to Cellular in settings.

. On the Esim, tap on the number you want to remove.

. Select Delete eSIM and confirm to delete the line.

. Follow the steps above to install a new eSIM.

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