TalkTalk Change Address (Complete Guide)

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As a TalkTalk customer, there are instances when you need to update your details. One of such is updating your address.

For most Internet Service Providers in the UK, you can change your address simply by logging into your account. Click on Account Details and update your address.

But for Talktalk, the process of changing your address is a bit complicated. You can’t just log into your TalkTalk account and edit your address. Rather you have to contact Talktalk customer support to change your address.

Continue reading this post to learn how to change your address. Also, this post answers most of the possible questions you will have in connection to changing your address.

When Do You Need To Change Your Talktalk Address?

You need to change your Talktalk address detail in the following instance:

a. When Moving Home

If you are moving from your current home address to a new address, Talktalk expects you to change your address. You are to update the network of your new address and location.

That is if you want to continue using the Talktalk service in your new location. If not, it Is best to cancel your service and account before you move to your new location.

b. When Transferring Account

When you are transferring your Talktalk account to another person, part of the transfer process involves updating the details in the account.

The new owner has to update the address and other details associated with the account.

Can You Change Your Talktalk Address?

Yes. You can change the address associated with your TalkTalk account. But unlike other ISPs that allow you to adjust your address from your account, you can’t edit your Talktalk address from your account. You have to contact Talktalk customer support to edit your billing address.

How To Change Your Talktalk

a. Confirm Your New Address

First, you have to confirm your new address. Also, you have to confirm if the Talktalk network is available in the new location and address.

Visit the Talktalk Network Status Checker page. Enter your new location and click on search. You will see a confirmation if the Talktalk network is available in your new location or now.

If the Talktalk network is not available in your new location, you can either cancel your account or transfer the account to someone else.

b. Contact TalkTalk Customer Support

The next step is to contact Talktalk customer support to request to change your address. You can contact a support person via their online chat platform or call 03451720088.

Inform the customer support person that you want to change your address. The customer rep will ask you some questions to confirm your account.

After that, you have to furnish the support person with your new address to update your account.

Will Talktalk Charge You To Change Your Address?

No. Talktalk won’t charge you to change your address. The network will only charge you if you want to use their moving services. In that instance, Talktalk will charge you 60 pounds to use their home moving service.

The Talktalk home moving service will transport your equipment to your new location. The tech support person will set up your equipment in your new location. Finally, you are entitled to 10 days of free technical support after the setup.

How Long Before You Move Do You Have To Notify Talktalk Of Your New Address?

You have to notify Talktalk of your new address 14 days before you move. This is true especially if you are using their moving service.

If you use another moving service, you have to notify Talktalk within 7 days after you move to edit your address.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Talktalk Address

If you don’t change your Talktalk address, the Company will continue to send your bills to your old address. You will end up missing out on some of your bills which may lead to the Company canceling your account.


Changing your Talktalk address is possible but a bit of a complicated process. This post has outlined the process involved in changing your address.

Also, this post has explained other details you need to know about changing your address on Talktalk.

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