Tracfone Transfer PIN, Account Number and ZIP Code

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If you are not satisfied with your Tracfone service, you have the option to switch to another carrier. The good thing is that you can also take your number with you when you switch to a new network. This is called the port-out process.

Your new carrier or network will need some information from you to start the port-in process from Tracfone. The essential information most carriers will request is your Tracfone account number, transfer PIN, and ZIP code.

This post covers how to find your Tracfone transfer PIN and account number, and ZIP code to complete the port-out process.

Does Tracfone Have A Transfer PIN?

Yes. Tracfone does have a transfer PIN. The transfer PIN is one of the three details you have to provide to port out your number from the Tracfone network.

What Is Tracfone Transfer PIN?

The Tracfone PIN is the code unique to each Tracfone customer’s number. The PIN is essential to make any major change in your account including number transfer to another network.

Tracfone PIN also known as the Port code is the authorization password Tracfone needs to complete any request to port a Tracfone number to another network.

The PIN adds an extra layer of protection to your Tracfone number to prevent scammers from placing unauthorized requests to port your number to another network.

How To Find Your Tracfone Transfer PIN?

To get your Tracfone Transfer PIN, text NTP to 611611 from your Tracfone number. You will receive your transfer PIN as an SMS.

How To Find Tracfone Account Number

The second detail you need to complete the port-out process from the Tracfone network is your account number. It is worth mentioning that your Tracfone account number differs from your phone number.

There are three ways to discover your Tracfone account number. You can find the number at the back of your phone, on your SIM card kit, or your account page. Below is a breakdown of the methods to find your Tracfone account number.

Find Tracfone Account Number On Phone

You can find your Tracfone account number on your phone if you bought the phone from Tracfone. Check the back of your phone for the 15 digits IMEI or MEID. That number is your account number.

 Find Tracfone Account Number On SIM Card Kit

If you brought your phone to the Tracfone network, your Tracfone number can be found on your SIM card kit. The number is the 15-digit on your Tracfone SIM kit.

Find Tracfone Account Number On the Account

The third option is to log into your Tracfone account to find your account number. To do this, follow the steps below:

. Visit the Tracfone account page.

. Enter your account details to log into your account.

. Click on ‘my account’ and select ‘Nickname (add/edit)’.

. Check for your Tracfone account number on the page.

If you are getting your account number from your Tracfone phone or SIM kit, it is advisable to confirm the number. This is because your account number may change if you’ve switched your Tracfone or SIM pack multiple times.

Text FOUR to 611611 from your Tracfone number to get an SMS confirmation of your account number.

Tracfone ZIP Code

Tracfone does assign unique zip codes to customers based on the location when they first got into the network. If you’ve moved to another location, the ZIP code most times remains the ZIP code of your initial location.

Thankfully, most carriers don’t request for ZIP code when porting out a number from the Tracfone network.

Additional Tips To Make Your Tracfone Port Out Seamless

. Always ensure your Tracfone remains active for the duration of the transfer process. This is because no carrier will process your transfer Process if your Tracfone number is suspended or inactive.

. Also, make sure the details you provide for your new carrier match the details on your Tracfone account. Providing an incorrect detail will stall your porting process.


So far, this post has explained how to get the three main details you need to port your number from the Tracfone network to any other network. That includes your Tracfone transfer PIN, account number, and ZIP code.

With these details, you can seamlessly transfer your number to any other network of your choice. 

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