Ways To Fix Trane Thermostat Touch Screen Not Working

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Most people are generally becoming receptive to using smart thermostats because of the numerous benefits that it affords them.

One of the major benefits is that a smart thermostat can help you save money by reducing your energy bill. You can save as much as 10% of your current energy bill by setting your thermostat to 15 degrees lower.

Also, a thermostat optimizes the functionality of the HVAC system in your home. You can also control your smart doors and smart lights in your home with a quality thermostat.

Trane thermostat is one of the top smart thermostat brands out there. The Trane smart thermostat is controlled and programmed via the touch screen on the device. It also serves as a display screen for temperature numbers.  

If you notice that your Trane thermostat touch screen is not working, no need to panic just yet. It is most likely a minor issue that you can fix. This content provides easy tips to fix the issue.

Why Is My Trane Thermostat Touch Screen Not Working?

Several reasons can cause your Trane thermostat display screen to stop working. But below are some of the possible reasons:

a. Battery Issues

More times than not, battery issues are usually the reason your thermostat display screen will stop working. Most Trane thermostats are battery-powered. So if there’s an issue with the battery, it will affect the display screen.

For instance, it could be that the battery is low. If this is the issue, you will see a low battery signal on the display screen. Also, it could be that the battery is damaged. If you’ve used the battery for more than 12 months, this may likely be the issue.

b. Dust & Dirt

If the environment where the Trane thermostat is installed is dirty, it can result in the accumulation of dirt on the display screen. Over time, the dust can get in and damage the screen.

One way to prevent this is to make sure the room is always swept and cleaned from time to time.

c. General Power Issue

A general power issue can affect the touch screen on your thermostat. For instance, if the circuit breaker in your home trips off, it can affect thermostat functionality. The same applies if you have a blown fuse.

d. Locked Screen

If you notice that your screen display is still functional but you can’t change the settings on the screen, it means the screen is locked. The two options available to fix this are to either unlock the screen or reset the thermostat.

e. Minor Glitch

A minor glitch on the device can cause the display screen to malfunction. For instance, if your device is running on an outdated firmware version, it can affect the display functionality.

Ways To Fix Trane Thermostat Touch Screen Not Working

a. Remove Dirt & Dust

The first step is to check the display screen for dirt and dust. If the display screen is dirty, use canned air to gently remove the dirt from the screen. Buy a Quality Canned Here On Amazon. Most times, cleaning the display screen can get it working again.

b. Switch Batteries

If you’ve used the batteries in your device for up to 12 months, it’s time to change the batteries. Also, if you changed the batteries recently, it could be that the new battery pair is not compatible with your device.

Follow the instructions on your Trane Thermostat manual to change the batteries. First, you have to check the battery on the device and make sure you order a similar pair. An incompatible battery pair won’t power your device.

Then follow the instructions on the manual to swipe the old batteries for a new pair.

c. Check Power Issues

First, check for and replace a blown fuse with a new fuse. Also, check the circuit breaker and reset the circuit breaker if there is a need for it. Finally, check for wiring installed during the installation process for any issues.

Remember to turn off your device before you start checking for any power or an electrical issue. It’s best to get an HVAC technician to check for these issues.

d. Unlock Screen

You can’t switch the temperature settings if the display screen is locked. One way to fix this is to unlock the screen. To unlock the Trane thermostat screen, hold down the plus and minus buttons together. Press and hold the buttons for 5 seconds until the screen unlocks.

e. Reset Your Device

Performing a factory reset will resolve any minor glitch on your device. Note that, you may lose some saved settings after you perform a factory reset on your device.

How To Factory Reset Trane Thermostat

You can perform a factory reset by using the menu option on the display settings. But since the display screen is not working in this instance, you will switch to the alternative method.

. Check to ensure your HVAC system is idle.

. Check the breaker box for your thermostat switch.

. Turn off the switch. Wait for 30 seconds and turn on the switch again.

. Wait for your thermostat to reboot.

f. Update Your Trane Thermostat Firmware

This may not be the issue, but it doesn’t hurt to check all angles. You need to check and update the firmware software on your device.

Update Firmware On Trane Thermostat

. Visit the Trane Account Page on your computer.

. Enter your Username/Email and password to log into your account.

. Select ‘Edit’ under ‘Home’.

. Click on ‘Firmware’.

. You will find firmware updates available for all your devices.

. Scroll down to your Thermostat device name and click on ‘Update Firmware’.

. Press ‘OK’ to start the update process. Most times, this post may take up to 10 minutes or more.

. Your device will reboot once the update process is complete.

g. Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips here and none has worked so far, it’s time to contact Trane customer support. First, you have to check if your product is still under warranty. Trane will undertake to replace or repair your device if the product is still under warranty.

You can contact Trane customer support at 1-844-529-8237. The customer support number is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm CST

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