Koodo Self-Serve Not Working? Quick Tips To Fix!!!

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by Ron D. Morgan

Koodo created the Self-Serve option to help customers handle personalized services, especially on mobile devices.

You can pay your bills, top-up mobile data, and edit your account from the Self-Serve option. It low-key serves as a mobile app since Koodo doesn’t have one just yet. 

If you are having issues with your Koodo Self-Serve option, no need to panic just yet. This post will guide you through how to identify the problem and provide tips to fix it in no time. 

But in a nutshell, if your Koodo Self-Serve is not working, it could be that your account or number has been deactivated or an issue with your Self-Serve account registration.

Continue reading to understand the issue with your Koodo Self-Serve account and ways to resolve the issue.

Why Is My Koodo Self-Serve Not Working?

a. Not Registered An Account

The first issue could be that you have not created a Koodo Self-Serve account or you have not completed the registration process. 

If you try to log into your account and you see the ‘We’ve not found no match for the information you entered’, it means you don’t have a Koodo Self-Serve account. 

The solution is to create a new Koodo Self-Serve account. Check the latter part of this post on how to register a Koodo Self-Serve account

b. Invalid Account Information

After you create a Self-Serve account, you have to enter a username and password to access the account. If you have registered a Self-Serve account, and you still have an issue logging into your account, it could be that your information is incorrect. 

The username or password you entered may be incorrect. Use the forgot password option to recover your username or password. 

c. Account Access Not Approved

If you just created a new Koodo account and can’t view your account information, it means the account has another owner. The account owner is the person that handles major changes in the account and pays bills. You have to reach out to the account owner to add you as a user to the account. 

d. Account Canceled

Finally, it could be that your Koodo account or number has been canceled. Koodo will cancel your account or number if you fall behind on your bills or if you request for them to cancel the account. 

You can’t access any other service Koodo provides including the Self-Serve option after you cancel your account. You have to reactivate your Koodo account to access this service. 

How To Fix Koodo Self-Serve Not Working

a. Register A Koodo Self-Serve Account

If you are a new user on the Koodo network and you don’t have a Self-Serve account yet, you need to create one. Koodo does not automatically create a Self-Serve account when you create a Koodo. They give you the option to create an account.

Creating a Koodo Self-Serve account is easy and can be done in minutes. Follow the steps below to complete the process. 

How To Register A Koodo Self-Serve Account

There are two methods to create a Self-Serve account. You can open your account with either method below:

Create Self-Serve Account Method 1.

. Visit the Koodo Self-Serve account page.

. Click on the Register Now option.

. You will be taken to the Koodo Assist Chat Page.

. A Koodo rep will chat you up. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration process.

Create Self-Serve Account Method 1.

. After activating your Koodo phone, check your email for a Koodo registration link.

. Click on the Link to open the registration page.

. Enter your Koodo phone number and create a new password.

. Select a Security Question and enter the answer.

b. Check Account Information

If you can’t log into your account as a result of incorrect information, simply request to retrieve your information.

Go to the Koodo login page, If you forgot your email address, click on forgot beside the email. The same applies if it’s your password you forgot. You will receive a link in your email with your email or a link to create a new password.

c. Request For Account Access

If the Self-Self account has another account owner, you can request for the person to add you as a user to the account.

To add a user to your Self-Serve account, log into your account> click on My ProfileRole ManagementAdd User On Account.

d. Reactivate Koodo Account

You can’t access the Koodo Self-Serve without an active Koodo account. If Koodo canceled or suspended your account for any reason, contain their customer support to reactivate your account.

Note that you may need to pay a reactivation fee, depending on the reason your account was suspended in the first place.

e. Contact Koodo Customer Support

If none of the tips here have worked so far, it is time to contact Koodo customer support. You can chat with any of their digital assistants via their chat page.

After you visit the page, select ‘I’m a Prepaid Customer’ and start your chat. The customer support assistant should guard you on other ways to resolve the issue.


So far, this post has outlined the possible reasons why you are having issues with your Self-Serve account. The latter part of the account outlined some tips you can apply to fix the issue in no time.

And if the tips don’t work, which is unlikely, we provided a link to contact Koodo customer support for further assistance.

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