Ultra Mobile Port Out: Step-To-Step Guide

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

If you need a guide on how to port your number from Ultra Mobile to any other carrier, this post is for you.

Once you make up your mind to leave the network, you can transfer your number from Ultra Mobile to a new number.

Before you start the process, you need to gather the port out details from your Ultra Mobile account. The details include your Ultra Mobile account number, transfer PIN and ZIP code.

In summary, porting your number from Ultra Mobile to a new network will depend on the new carrier’s porting process.

But for most providers, you simply visit the carrier’s store or select to bring your number during the activation process.

This post will guide you on steps to port your number from Ultra Mobile network to any other carrier in the US.

Prepare To Transfer Number From Ultra Mobile

After you decide to port or transfer your number to a new network, these are the steps to take to make the process seamless:

a. Check For Number Transfer Eligibility

Your number does not automatically qualify for transfer to any network. In fact, it is possible that your number may not be eligible for transfer to another network. There are several reasons for that.

This is why it is advisable to carry out a number portability check first before you start the port out process. For some carriers, you have to contact the port-in department. For others, the check is done during the actual port-in process.

b. Unlock Device

If you intend to purchase a new device from the new carrier, skip this option. But if you intend to bring a device to the new network, you have to ensure the device is not locked to any carrier.

If the device is locked, contact the carrier to unlock the device. Note that you may have to pay an unlocking fee if the device doesn’t meet the unlock requirements.

c. Keep Ultra Mobile Account Active

Don’t make the mistake of canceling their Ultra Mobile account before or during the port-out process. Doing so will affect the port-out process.

The right thing to do is to keep your Ultra Mobile account active until you complete the port-out process. Most times, it’s the new mobile provider that will contact Ultra Mobile to cancel your account and service after the porting process.

Account Information To Port Out Number From Ultra Mobile

We have a separate article for this, but this post will briefly mention these details. So, when porting your number to a new network, there are details you have to submit to the new mobile provider.

These are known as the port-out details. They include the following:

a. Ultra Mobile Account Number

Ultra Mobile assigns an account number to all customers during the activation process. The number differs from your phone number.

Most carriers will request for this during the port-in process. Check this post on how to find your Ultra Mobile account number.

b. Ultra Mobile Transfer PIN

This is the port out PIN you submit to the new mobile provider to place a port our request on your behalf to Ultra Mobile. Check here on how to get the transfer PIN.

c. Ultra Mobile ZIP Code

Not all carriers request for this. But some carriers will request you to submit the ZIP code linked to your Ultra Mobile account to complete the port-in process.

Note: This is the Ultra Mobile ZIP code you entered during the activation process and not your billing ZIP code.

Steps To Port Number From Ultra Mobile Network

The port-out process will depend on the new mobile provider’s porting process. You can contact the new carrier’s porting department to find this detail.

But most carriers adopt either one of this port-in procedure below:

. Activate New Account With The New Carrier

Most mobile providers have simplified the port-in process. You simply need to purchase a SIM card kit and complete the process yourself. While activating the SIM card, you will see the option to use an existing number.

Select the option to use an existing number. Enter your Ultra Mobile port out details when prompted. Select a new plan and complete the activation process. You will receive a notification after the activation process is complete.

. Visit New Carrier’s Store

If the new mobile provider has a store location in your area, you can visit the store to complete the porting process. This is the easiest way to complete the process because you will get all the help with completing the process and it takes less time.

Take your porting details and the phone you are bringing to the new network to the mobile provider’s store in your location. Request to port your number to the network.

The store attendant will carry out the number transfer eligibility check if you’ve not done that before now. After that, you will need to submit your Ultra Mobile account details.

The store attendant will help you complete the port-in process. You will receive a new activated SIM card pack with your number in the new network after the process.

How Long Does It Take To Port Number From Ultra Mobile?

Most times, your number should be active in the new network within 24 hours especially if you do this in the mobile provider’s store. But for landline, it can take up to 7 business days for the number to become active.

How Much Does It Cost To Port A Number From Ultra Mobile?

Fortunately, it is free to port a number from the Ultra Mobile network to another. The network will release your number without a fee.

The only fee you have to pay is any outstanding fee you have in your Ultra Mobile account before you did the number transfer. The network will send you a final bill. 

What To Do After Porting Number From Ultra Mobile?

When your number is active in the new network, it means that the porting process is complete. Most times your new mobile provider will do this, but I advise you to do this too.

Contact Ultra Mobile customer support to cancel your account and service. This is to prevent continuous billing even after you’ve left the network. Some customers have experienced this with other networks.

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