Mint Mobile eSIM Activation: Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 9, 2023 by Ron D. Morgan

Looking to switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM on Mint Mobile or to activate the eSIM on a new phone? No worries. This post got you.

Mint Mobile is one of the few networks in the United States that have adopted eSIM technology. Not just that, the network made the activation process easy for both existing and new customers.

There are two ways to activate the eSIM on Mint Mobile. The first method is via the Mint Mobile app, while the second method is on the Mint Mobile site.

Note that for now, you can’t transfer physical SIM to eSIM on the Mint network. You must activate the eSIM even as an existing customer.

Continue reading this post to learn the step to step guide on how to activate the eSIM on the network following either method.

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Get Ready To Activate eSIM On Mint Mobile

Before you start the eSIM activation process, you have to ensure that your device and every other detail are in place for the process. Check the steps below for details to put in place before activating eSIM on your device.

a. Confirm Device Compatibility

If you are buying a new device from Mint Mobile, you don’t have to worry about this. On the other hand, if you are bringing your phone to the network, you have to confirm that the device is eligible to work on the Mint network.

You use the device compatibility check tool on the Mint Mobile site to confirm this. Follow the steps below to complete the device check:

Method 1: Check With the Device Brand

. Visit the Mint Mobile Device Compatibility Check Tool.

. Below is the ‘Quick Check by Brand & Model’ option.

. On the ‘Select a Brand’ option, click on your phone brand.

. The ‘Select a Model, and click on your phone model.

. Finally, click on ‘Check Phone’ to complete the process.

Method 1: Check With Device IMEI

. Dial *#06# on your device to get the IMEI code. For Android devices, to get the code, go to Settings> About Device> Status while for iPhone, go to Settings> General> About.

. Visit the Mint Mobile Device Compatibility Check Tool.

. Paste the IMEI in the search box and click on Check Phone.

b. Unlock Device

If you are bringing your device to Mint Mobile, you have to make sure the device is unlocked. Go through the unlock policy page and check the unlock requirements for your device. Contact the carrier to unlock the device once it meets the requirements.

c. Update Device

Also, you have to make sure the phone is up-to-date. That is the software that powers your phone. Most brands do release software updates for phones from time to time.

To update the software on your phone, go to Settings> About Phone> UpdatesInstall.

How To Activate eSIM On Mint Mobile Phone

There are two methods to activate the eSIM card on Mint Mobile. Here, we will explain both methods in detail:

a. Activate eSIM On Mint Mobile Via App

. Connect the device to a Wi-Fi or wireless network.

. Launch the Mint Mobile App on your device. Download the app if you’ve not downloaded it before now.

. Enter your account details to log into your account or create an account if you don’t have one.

. Tap on Account at the bottom of the dashboard page.

. Scroll down to the SIM Card options and tap on Change Device.

. Select Get an eSIM on the new page.

. Tap on This Is My New Device from the two options on the screen.

. Select and Add the Payment Method to your account. You have the option to add PayPal or Credit or Debit Card.

. On the Order Summary Page tap on Checkout.

Select I am Connect To Wi-Fi.

Tap on Continue to start the eSIM installation process.

. Select Install eSIM and tap on Continue.

. Tap on Add Cellular Plan. Viola!!!

b. Activate eSIM On Mint Mobile On Mint Site

Visit the Mint Mobile Account Page on the site.

. Enter your Phone Number and Password to log into your account.

. If you are a new customer, visit the Account Creation Page and fill in your information to create an account.

. Go to the Shop Plans page and click a plan.

. Make sure any plan you select has the eSIM (Digital Delivery) option.

 . On the Order Confirmation page after checkout, click on Activate Now.

. Scan the QR Code to install the SIM on your device. If you use an Android phone, go to camera settings and activate Scan QR Codes. If you use an iPhone, scan the code with the phone camera.

. Wait for the eSIM to install and activate on your device.

Viola, you should have your eSIM installed, activated, and ready to use on your device.

It is good to mention again that if you have an existing Mint Mobile SIM, you can’t transfer it to an eSIM for now. You have to download and install a new eSIM on your device.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase And Activate New eSIM On Mint?

It is free to download and install your first Mint Mobile. Purchasing a subsequent eSIM will cost you $3 each. 

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